2020-10-07 Release

The new BLAZE Retail POS app version is available for iOS – Download it now!  This improves membership discounts and the “scan to update” feature in version 4.0.0.

Reminder: Please DO NOT update your iOS device to V14. We recommend turning off automatic updates and to hold off on updating to iOS V14 until BLAZE has confirmed compatibility. To turn off your iOS software automatic updates, go to Settings > General > Software Update.

Unique #’s are now available to be specified upon receiving purchase orders and intaking packages within BLAZE in our Retail, Distro, and Grow platforms.

  1. When receiving a PO through the Purchase Order feature, the Unique # is now an available field to be added/edited
  2. When intaking products through “Metrc Packages,” the Unique # field will auto-populate with the Metrc ID and allow the option to edit the Unique # when selecting “new batch”
  3. The UI now refreshes after intaking via “Metrc Packages” and the option to intake is removed, so the user is prevented from intaking the same package more than once

Manage your Weedmaps online sellable products in BLAZE now through your product profiles in the Inventory section. At this time, mass editing is not available.

  1. In BLAZE Retail, navigate to Inventory and select either the All or the desired category
  2. Select the desired product
  3. Navigate to the Weedmaps tab
  4. Click the Edit button
  5. Find “Online Sellable” and check the box
  6. Click the Save button 
  7. The item is now available to be sold on Weedmaps (Weedmaps Online Ordering must be enabled)

Additional Features in the Release:

Copying/pasting into the search field when searching for a product in the Inventory section has been restored!

Our new version of our BLAZE Woo Plugin, 2.0.95, squashes a couple of bugs regarding registration forms.

Thank you,

The BLAZE Team