Case Study: SAVA Cannabis Delivery

SAVA cannabis delivery

The Problem

Sava is the only women-, Latinx-, and LGBTQ-, locally-founded and owned delivery service in the SF Bay Area. One of Sava’s challenges was the ability to reach their at-home, delivery-reliant customers with customized messaging.


  • Had no direct links to Sava’s online menus 
  • Had to already have a developed awareness of the Sava brand to go to their website to make an order.


  • Sending text messages to their customer base without the fear of carrier filtering.
  • Dealt with marketing challenges that a lot of cannabis companies face

The Solution

  1. After identifying top spenders, they incentivized new purchases with exclusive promotion. 
  2. By leveraging advanced targeting and key opportunities, customers who hadn’t purchased in 3 weeks or more were identified and targeted. 
  3. Prioritizing customer retention and personalized buyer experience, being mindful of avoiding repeat campaigns or over-communicating with specific customer segments.

With Blaze and Happy Cabbage, Sava saw:

  • 993% average increase in 24 hour ROI
  • 21% increase in average customer recapture
  • 14% increase in average campaign conversion

How it’s helped their business

“We love using the platform- it completely changed how we approach marketing. Not only is it intuitive and easy to use, but we’ve also seen a drastic change in our customer retention and response to our campaigns. It really works for us.” -Avery, Digital Marketing for Sava

Contributed in partnership with Happy Cabbage Analytics

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