Headset is designed to give you the business intelligence you need when and where you need it. Out of the office? Access Headset on your phone and see the same data that you would on a desktop computer.

Market Intelligence



Identify new areas of opportunity, keep tabs on
the competition, and tailor your product development.

Stay Ahead



Dashboards that simplify your data so you can
better understand your operations at a glance.




Limit out-of-stock events, ensure optimal inventory levels and enhance forecasting abilities.

Connect to Store

By Integrating with the Headset Retailer platform,you
get access to critical top-level dashboards giving you
some serious insights to help drive your business

Reporting, Simplified

Get unprecedented visibility through easy to
understand reports on your Sales, Inventory, Vendors,
and Product data all in real-time.

Headset + BLAZEā„¢

Here’s What You Get

  • Get top level dashboards and insights into your operations
  • Hourly Transactions: Sales vs. Budtender staff
  • Top 10 fastest moving products
  • Top Vendors by $ sales
  • Sales & Assortment dashboards
  • See sales over time vs growth
  • Average basket: total $ and units
  • Vendor analysis dashboards
  • Vendor sales and profit reports
  • Vendor contribution to sales / total transactions
  • Inventory Overview dashboards
  • Total inventory in units and $ value
  • Inventory allocation by vendor
  • Plus much more!