Grow your dispensary with Seed

Integrated Self-Service Ordering

Enable customers to shop and send orders directly into Blaze for fulfillment on their own.

Education & Consultation

Intelligently recommend products to customers based on their needs and your retail goals.

Hassle-Free Product Menus

Flexible, ad-free interactive and static product menus hooked directly to Blaze POS.
  • The Seed application, designed specifically for in-store use, gives dispensary operators control over the shopping environment and connects dispensary customers to products they’ll love.
  • Seed Self-Service Ordering sends orders from customers directly to Blaze making it easy to enhance retail by adding self-service.
  • Seed's live-updating interactive and non-interactive menus make it easy for customers to find the right prodcuts.
  • In-store education and personalized consultations promote safe access while saving staff time.
  • Customized to fit your unique store and brand.
  • All at one low price - starter hardware bundle included for Blaze customers!