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Your home for a personalized
cannabis lifestyle.

Your Lifestyle

  • Curated products for your needs.
  • Improve your daily routine.
  • Discover new cannabis methods.

Your Products

  • Find favorite products nearby.
  • Notified about availability.
  • Discover new brands.

Lower Overhead

  • Find cannabis just for you.
  • Personalized recommendations.
  • Connect to your favorite stores.

Product Images

Sync all product images across
your store from tökr.


Keep prices up to date as you change prices in Blaze it
will update on tökr too.

Lower Overhead

Blaze automatically manages
inventory to save you money.

tökr + BLAZE™

Here’s What You Get

  • Keep your tökr menu up to date in real time with actual
    products you have in stock.
  • Once a new product is entered into BLAZE™ Retail, we seamlessly push the update to tökr ensuring your menu is all up to date.
  • The best thing is you no longer need to manage two menus. Everything is integrated and synced in real time giving you the confidence of a tight run dispensary.
  • Sync all product images across your store to tökr.