Build your Delivery Management Services on Tookan

Improve Your Delivery Service with Optimized Routes & Real-Time Tracking

Automate Dispatch



Have your pickups & deliveries auto assigned to your nearest & free delivery agents as soon as the order is prepared.

Tracking & Route Optimization



Get delivery tracking system to monitor workforce in real-time. Plan ahead with optimized routes for managing delivery services.

Geo-analytics powered Reports



Integrate powerful analytics into
your delivery management system and have access to visual reports and trends.

Tookan + BLAZEā„¢

Here’s What You Get

  • No more spreadsheets or frantic calls. Consolidate your operations into one beautiful, intuitive dashboard.
  • Delivery operations can be chaotic. Focus on what’s important with color-coded statuses, comprehensive filters and dynamic search.
  • Put out fires before they start. Stay proactive with accurate ETAs and real-time alerts.
  • Track time, distance and performance data to compensate drivers accurately.
  • Reduce costs by identifying and eliminating bottlenecks.