Integrate your WoahStork account with BLAZE Retail to manage your menu from one place.

Curated Marketplace




The right product for your mood and medical ailments. Take the guesswork out of cannabis shopping.

Seamless Integration




No site, no problem. WoahStork gives your dispensary a full shop with just one line of code.

Increased Revenue




WoahStork’s intelligence-driven online cannabis marketplace increases AOV by 30%, with customers returning 40% faster.

WoahStork + BLAZE™

Here’s What You Get

  • Real-Time Orders: Orders on WoahStork go straight to your Blaze Retail pos.
  • Real-Time Inventory: Keep your WoahStork menu up to date in real time with actual products you have in stock.
  • Auto-Add New Products: Once a new product is entered into BLAZE Retail, we seamlessly push the update to WoahStork ensuring your menu is always up to date.
  • One Menu To Rule Them All: The best thing is you no longer need to manage two menus. Everything is integrated and synced in real time giving you the confidence of a tightly-run dispensary.
  • Images Come Too! Sync all product images across your store to WoahStork.
  • Analytics: Real time analytics on orders and customers.
  • Customer Service: WoahStork provides excellent customer service from account setup to providing a helping hand when you are short staffed.