12 Cannabis Conferences Not to Be Missed

MJBizCon 2021 Cannabis Conference

The cannabis industry is evolving rapidly. One of the best ways to stay up to date on the latest regulations, best practices, innovations, methods, and technologies is by connecting with other industry professionals and experts at cannabis conferences. 

In this post, we’ve compiled 12 of the biggest, most beneficial cannabis conferences for your convenience.


The latest MJBizCon was held in Las Vegas, October 19-22. This major cannabis convention attracts countless companies and cannabiz executives from around the country (and the world). It’s a hub for cannabis professionals to investigate new cannabis tech and find business opportunities.

International Cannabis Business Conference

Most recently held in Berlin, Germany on August 26-27, this conference is one of the most popular in the industry. It boasts a global market draw, international networking opportunities, and content geared toward science and social justice movements in the cannabis space. 


NICA holds three conferences: The Midwest Cannabis Business Conference, the Eastern Cannabis Business Conference, and the Cannabis Business Summit and Expo. These conferences are business-focused, offering industry-specific legal advice and guidance. 

Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo

Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo 2021 Cannabis Conference

This event is taking place in New York,  November 4-6. The conference focuses on the state of the cannabis industry, current challenges and solutions, and where the industry is going. It’s a great place for networking and learning about the latest problem-solving products, technology, and services.


Taking place in Miami, Florida on November 8 and 9 of this year, Wonderland is an event where industry professionals, experts, and researchers alike learn and discuss innovations in the psychedelics industry. 

RAD Expo

The RAD Expo is a Seattle-based national trade show centered around the retail side of the cannabis industry. This is the place for cannabis retailers and cannabis dispensaries to find the products and services they need to sustain their businesses. It’s a place for vendors and retail decision-makers for medical dispensaries and recreational stores to connect. 

Black CannaConference and Expo

This conference is sponsored by Back CannaBusiness magazine. It takes place on November 18-20 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Here, you’ll listen to keynote speakers, panel discussions, and breakout sessions with cannabis experts to discuss business solutions and opportunities. This is the only national cannabis conference dedicated to founders, professionals, and consumers of color. 



The next CannaCon will take place on November 19, 2021 in Virginia Beach, VA. It’s also held in other cities across the NorthEast and Midwest including Chicago, Detroit, Oklahoma City, and New York. 

The conference content is tailored to the region’s market. As a result, the Midwestern CannaCons are great options for growers, and cannabis techies will benefit more from the Northeastern conferences and are interested in topics like the cost of opening a dispensary.

The Grow Up Conference and Expo

The Grow Up Conference and Expo takes place in both Niagara Falls, Ontario and Victoria, British Columbia. It’s a place for growers, suppliers, manufacturers, extraction equipment/services, and industry experts to collaborate and discuss methods, innovations, and technology. The next conference will be from November 30-December 2 in Niagara Falls. 

NECANN Illinois Cannabis Conference

Originating in Boston, this cannabis conference now takes place in many other US cities. The next one will take place in Chicago from December 4-5. This will be the first convention focused exclusively on the Illinois market. NECANN is focused on creating cannabis communities and resource hubs for entrepreneurs, investors, educators, patients, advocates, and consumers. The conferences are region-specific, tailored to local markets. 

Hall of Flowers

Hall of Flowers 2021

Hall of Flowers is an industry-only cannabis trade show curated for B2B commerce within a network of premium licensed cannabis brands and retailers. This conference distinguishes itself from others in the industry by providing an experience that emphasizes the cultural significance of the cannabis industry cannabis customer experience. The next Hall of Flowers conference will be held on December 8 and 9, 2021 in Palm Springs.  


Interchange is a two-day buy/sell event where processors, producers, and ancillary companies meet with retailers in one-on-one private settings. The event is centered around conveying product offerings with the end goal of structuring deals. It’s a place for like-minded professionals to form productive, industry-relevant relationships. Interchange’s next event will take place in Oregon on January 19 and 20, 2022. and

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