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SEO-friendly E-Commerce for Cannabis Retailers

BLAZE ECOM offers dispensaries an opportunity to build a recognizable cannabis brand with an integrated e-commerce platform that can scale with your business.

A seamless POS integration with BLAZE Retail means never managing customers, orders, taxes, fees, or discounts in two platforms. Offer a memorable, branded shopping experience to customers, simplify payments, and cut down on delivery times.

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New Feature

Self Guided In-Store Shopping

This new self-guided checkout process redefines how customers shop in-store. The BLAZE ECOM™ in-store shopping experience offers customers a convenient way to use their mobile devices to scan product QR codes, add them to the cart, checkout, and pay independently. This feature is available in-app and online.

  • Eliminate lengthy customer queues with express pickup
  • Reduce labor costs or free up staff on the sales floor
  • Improve customer satisfaction with self-guided checkout

Stand Out From the Rest

Offer an elevated e-commerce experience with a variety of premium themes that reflect your brand. Make ordering online memorable to build your brand recognition and loyalty with your customers.

We also offer a variety of premade layouts to get you selling online right away.

  • Match your e-commerce branding with your content site theme
  • Stand out from competitors with a unique native e-commerce menu
  • Create captivating banner ads that reflect your brand identity

Take Back Control

Own every aspect of your online store so you’re not dependent on marketplaces for e-commerce. Connect your website directly with Google Analytics to help identify trends, track audience segments, analyze traffic sources, and pinpoint best-selling products.

  • Understand your customers with valuable data that you own
  • Target specific member groups based on shopping preferences
  • Make data-driven decisions on inventory levels, popular categories, and best-selling products

Get Ahead of the Competition

Optimize marketing by tracking your data across all traffic sources and campaigns. Make data-driven decisions in real-time to capitalize on the channels that offer the highest return on investment.

  • Optimize marketing budget on high-performing traffic sources
  • Acquire and retain customers with convenient online, in-app, and kiosk shopping
  • Gain insights into customer behavior to send the right message at the right time

Drive New Traffic

Reach new customers by ranking for all of the top cannabis keywords. BLAZE ECOM provides static URLs for every product, brand, and category to make it easy for search engines to crawl and index your online store.

  • Create custom SEO titles for your e-commerce site, category, and brand pages
  • Use geolocation keywords to target local cities, boroughs, or regions
  • Capitalize on category and brand affinity keyword search volume

Level Up with Mobile Apps

Engage and retain your customers with native mobile applications that offer a fast way to track orders, see purchase history, and place repeat orders. Stop sending SMS and use push notifications that have a 90% higher view rate at no additional cost.

  • Send real-time order updates so customers can track the status of their order
  • Reward customers for shopping on the app and allow them to track reward points.
  • Create custom push notifications to promote discounts, new products, or limited-time offers

Frictionless Online Payments

Remove friction for new customers and make it easy for returning customers to pay with their default bank account in just three clicks. One-click to add items to the cart, one-click to checkout, and one-click to pay. It’s really that simple.

  • Offer first-time purchase discounts for linking a bank account at checkout
  • Make tipping optional at checkout to allow customers to show appreciation
  • Bolster customer confidence with secure payment protocols and encrypted account information

Self-Service Kiosks

Reduce wait times, increase order volume, and save on operational costs with self-service kiosks that allow customers to shop independently. In-store shoppers can discover new products, current promotions, and filter the menu based on their product preferences.
  • Minimize the risk of human error and improve order accuracy with self-serve kiosks
  • Support in-store and off-site kiosk modes for express pick-up and delivery
  • Provide fast and secure kiosk orders with no account creation requirement

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Most other modern solutions still use iframes that don’t provide any type of SEO boost in regard to all of our products, descriptions, and pictures that we spent so much time cultivating and setting up internally. The solution provided by BLAZE ECOM allows Haven to rank on Google and other search engines for other terms like our cannabis categories, whether it be flower, vape, or edibles, Haven consistently shows up in top search results.

Mark Simonian

We enjoy all the innovative features and integrations the BLAZE ECOM platform brings to the table. But to us, it’s all about their team. Having been in some insanely hectic situations in the past — the BLAZE ECOM team has always been able to swiftly walk us through an issue so we can get back to business.

Mishka Ashbel
Founder of MMD Shops

Frequently Asked Questions

BLAZE ECOM is not a marketplace. We don’t have any interest in your customers or data. You own and control all your own data.

Customers can prepay for online orders using the Stronghold ACH integration. Once customers connect their bank account it’s only 3-clicks to make future payments.

Yes. We build custom mobile applications for dispensaries for a fraction of the development cost. This gives retailers the ability to use push notifications to engage their customers.

Typically, it only takes a few days to get your online store up and running. Once it’s live you’ll see all orders populate directly in the BLAZE POS system.