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Order Fulfillment Software for Cannabis Retailers

BLAZE Fulfill is a web application built to streamline order fulfillment for in-store pickup, curbside pickup, and delivery. Detailed order labels bring a new level of organization and visibility to ensure order accuracy. Cannabis retailers can scale their fulfillment operations with less dedicated staff while creating customer affinity.

BLAZE Fulfill Streamlines Order Fulfillment at Hall of Flowers

BLAZE® CEO Chris Violas introduces the BLAZE Fulfill web application designed for high-volume sales and a perfect match for the Hall of Flowers on-site dispensary, powered by Wheelhouse.

Pick and Pack Orders

Facilitate high-volume order fulfillment for orders placed through an e-commerce website, a mobile app, or an in-store kiosk. Fulfillment staff can easily print off order labels, pick out the products from inventory, and pack them for express pickup or delivery.

Speed Up Fulfillment

Fulfill more orders in less time with fewer staff. BLAZE Fulfill optimizes workflows for delivery, curbside, pickup, and kiosk orders. Manage multiple order types or designate separate fulfillment stations based on order type: i.e. pickup vs delivery.

Improve Order Accuracy

Improve order accuracy with built-in safeguards that prevent employees from scanning the wrong products for orders. Packing labels include order number, customer name, order total, product list, and the payment status to ensure no order goes unpaid.

Manage Omnichannel Sales

View and filter orders by source to identify your strongest sales channel. Whether it be from an in-store kiosk, e-commerce menu, mobile app, or Weedmaps you can easily see where the majority of orders are being placed as well as the payment type.

Features That Matter

Why BLAZE® Fulfill?

Recommended Hardware

Zebra ZD420

USB Scanner

Zebra 4x3 Labels

Frequently Asked Questions

BLAZE Fulfill is included with a BLAZE Retail® Subscription. There is no additional cost.

BLAZE Fulfill is a centralized dashboard for incoming online orders. This means you can fulfill orders from your e-commerce website, a kiosk, a mobile app, Weedmaps, Leafly etc. As long as BLAZE integrates with your ordering platform, those orders will populate in BLAZE Fulfill.

Yes. BLAZE Fulfill is a web application that is connected to your BLAZE Retail account so you can use the same login credentials to log in to both.

BLAZE Fulfill can be used on any device that supports a browser. You can use a laptop, desktop, or tablet to log in and manage incoming orders as long as it connects to a Zebra ZD420 label printer. The Zebra label printer is required for printing the label for each incoming order. Additionally, any USB barcode scanner will work to scan the product barcodes when adding them to the order.

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