BLAZE® Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

See how we helped Haven streamline sales and scale their business.

Orders Integration is LIVE!

Eliminate manual entry and receive orders directly in the Dispatch section. As the first POS to offer the WM ordering integration, we want to save retailers time and money!

Delivery Made Easy!

Save time and improve your delivery operations. Assign, Delete, or Update delivery times all in Onfleet!

Track each plant individually across the entire grow life cycle. Designed by cannabis cultivators for cannabis cultivators, the BLAZE® Grow seed to sales software suite provides the insights and ease of use needed to manage day to day operations across all licenses.

Control inventory, shipments, purchase orders and invoicing. With BLAZE® Distro, you have everything you need to run your cannabis distribution business digitally, making taxes, compliance and invoicing a snap.

Our entire suite of dispensary software tools enables your dispensary employees to increase sales, manage inventory, run promotions, and ensure your business is working at maximum efficiency while optimizing the customer experience.

Our Mission

From farm to dispensary, we make life easy for you.

Premiere cannabis software designed and used by industry experts. User tested, industry adored, and growing more every day. Increase your sales, customer retention, and improve your service quality overnight.
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Take Control of Your Cannabis Business Today

To grow your business, you need to know your business. BLAZE® provides the data, insights, and tools you need to scale your cannabis operation while staying profitable. 

Dispensary POS in a snap

BLAZE® Retail iPhone & iPad app uses the most sophisticated security systems available to increase security and productivity for dispensary staff. This results in faster transaction times and higher revenue for your cannabis retailer.

Integrated POS Debit Processing

Shipments and invoices at your fingertips

Control inventory, shipments, purchase orders, and invoicing. With BLAZE® Distro you have everything you need to run your cannabis distribution business digitally, making taxes, compliance, and invoicing a snap.

Cultivation Software by the cultivators, for the cultivators

Choose a software solution that is built from the ground up working side by side with cannabis cultivators, not one designed by committees of managers. We know cultivation because we’ve been cultivators.

Hardware Integration That Makes All The Difference.

TSP143 – USB

The TSP143III is the faster, easier, and better POS printing solution

ELO Paypoint for iPad

Seamless cashier experience with BLAZE® Retail


Durable high tech barcode scanner with a sleek design.

Partner software that works seamlessly with BLAZE®

We are partnering up with some of the best software vendors in the cannabis industry to bring you all the features you need and want. We believe the more options, the better. View all of our partnerships below.

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“BLAZE® allowed us to improve the customer experience and utilize the data through the point of sale to make smarter business decisions.”
Mark Simonian
COO of Haven Dispensaries
“And as we hoped, we are checking out Customers much quicker and the lines are shorter.”
Chuck Wesley
CFO of CoCo Farms
“BLAZE® integration is like night and day for our operations. Prior to BLAZE®, we couldn’t accurately rely on our digital product inventory."
Robert Spearin
CEO of Mountain Remedy