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The BLAZE Partner Network (BPN) is an all-star combination of the titans within the industry, promising new technologies and everyone in between. No matter what stage your company is at, we are excited for the prospect of working together.  Join the BPN today and play a crucial role in providing the very best solutions for cannabis operators.  

A Partnership to help you GROW!

Whether you’re a veteran in the industry or just establishing your roots, BLAZE can help provide you with the necessary tools in your arsenal for success! With the most diverse and robust set of APIs in the industry, we make it easy to accomplish nearly any desired use-case.

Why Become a BLAZE Partner? 


Leverage the latest and greatest API within the industry to experiment, develop, and provide unique operator offerings.

Quick Development

Go from concept to market in no time with our incredible integration support and documentation. 

Customer Connection 

Expand your customer base and identify new opportunities with the ability to seamlessly integrate with the Blaze POS. 


Work with Blaze to increase the value of your unique solution with resources, campaigns, and benefits that promote more profitability.

How can we work together, you ask?  

Referral Partner

Become a part of our sales lead referral program and earn $ for sending over new BLAZE Customers

(Sign Up Time: 1 minute)

Third-Party Integration Partner

With the BLAZE API you can build nearly any type of integration. 

E-Commerce, Analytics, SMS/Loyalty, Financial Services, HR/Payroll, Digital, Signage, Kiosks, Enhanced Delivery …and more

(Request Submission Time: 4 minutes)

How does it work?

Once you’re signed up you will be provided a partner key and staging account to test against. Utilizing both your partner key and a retailer’s dispensary key will unlock all possibilities between the systems.

Sign Up is as Easy as 1, 2, 3


Request a partner key by submitting the following application


Get approved and sign all necessary documents.


Build your unique product!

* There is a cost associated with access to the API.
**Integrations that require more than Blaze API access may take significantly longer to complete and less likely to be approved.