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BLAZE Delivery was purpose-built from the ground up by tech people who have operated large-scale delivery operations. The BLAZE cannabis delivery software works for scheduled and on-demand delivery. We’ll help you manage your fleet efficiently, centralize dispatching, and expand your territory.

Cannabis Delivery Features

Delivery Drivers
Delivery Dispatchers
Delivery Compliance
Delivery Data

Hub-based Cannabis Delivery

BLAZE Delivery offers advanced tools for delivery services that use an inventory hub such as a dispensary or warehouse. Intuitive workflows make it simple to assign online orders, dispatch drivers, track vehicles, notify customers, and send digital receipts.

  • Monitor each driver’s progress as they deliver orders
  • Schedule orders for delivery at a specific time
  • Ensure delivery drivers pick up the correct orders
  • Auto-assign new orders to drivers based on service area

Dynamic Cannabis Delivery

Dynamic delivery is where we shine. BLAZE Delivery is designed for efficiency and scalability by tracking onboard inventory or kits as drivers fulfill orders on the go. Each kit serves as an online menu for their designated service area.

  • Track the exact $ amount of inventory in each driver’s kit.
  • Auto-dispatch online orders to the driver servicing the delivery zone.
  • Show customized online menus based on the customer’s location.
  • Send targeted SMS or push notifications to a driver’s current delivery zone.

Track Your Fleet

BLAZE Delivery can simplify fleet management with our Onfleet integration. This powerful integration takes GPS tracking to the next level with live driver locations, accurate ETAs, and granular product tracking.

  • View live driver locations with precise ETAs and granular inventory tracking.
  • Analyze success rates, on-time rates, feedback scores, distance traveled, and more.
  • Receive status updates to identify potential delays and reroute drivers if needed.
  • Request customer feedback via SMS after delivery orders are completed.

Manage Your Drivers

BLAZE Delivery gives dispatchers complete visibility into a driver’s location, inventory, and order queue to maximize efficiency. This empowers quick decision-making for inventory transfers, restocking kits, and order reassignment to shorten delivery times.

  • Track when your delivery drivers clock-in and clock-out.
  • Communicate order updates with drivers using in-app chat.
  • Reassign orders based on priority and distance from driver.
  • Prepare new inventory for pick up to refresh driver’s kit.

Run Mobile Transactions

The BLAZE Delivery mobile app for iOS and Android transforms a drivers smartphone into a mobile POS register. Drivers can view customer information, collect cashless payments, process transactions, and send email receipts to improve the customer experience.

  • Access customer information with the BLAZE Delivery app.
  • Redeem customer loyalty points during a mobile checkout.
  • Run transactions, apply discounts, and accept payment.
  • Send email receipts as proof of delivery after each transaction

Optimize Delivery Routes

Ensure fast delivery with route optimization that helps your drivers avoid traffic delays, car accidents, and road construction. Re-route drivers to high-priority orders in the case of order cancellations or unavailable customers.

  • Optimize routes by analyzing traffic conditions, location, and driver capacity.
  • Select any navigation app as default based on your driver’s preference.
  • Plan multi-stop routes based on time, distance, and traffic conditions.
  • Increase driver productivity and fuel efficiency with predictive routing.

Maintain Metrc Compliance

Keep your delivery service compliant with customer ID verification, digital signature capture, updated inventory logs, and Metrc-compliant delivery ledgers. Drivers can easily access all documentation to present to authorities.

  • Report all the required delivery ledger endpoints to Metrc in real-time.
  • Create compliant manifests, adjust and transfer packages, and reconcile inventory.
  • Track every time products are received, moved from a vehicle, sold, or destroyed.
  • Collect digital signatures from customers to confirm they received their order.

Act on Delivery Data

Make smart decisions based on delivery analytics to optimize inventory by zipcode or delivery zone. Redefine service areas based on order density and set delivery fees and minimums to maintain profit margins.

  • Define custom delivery zones to capitalize on order density.
  • Optimize driver kits with sales data on popular products, brands, and categories.
  • Adjust delivery fees to maintain your profit margins for specific delivery zones.
  • Create customer segments to maximize marketing campaigns.

Features That Matter

Why BLAZE® Delivery?

Reduce delivery times with On-Demand Delivery

Save money with centralized dispatching and auto-assignment

Accept and assign orders from multiple eCommerce channels

Cali Kosher Dispensary

Hear why Cali Kosher Dispensary prefers BLAZE for all their Cannabis Delivery Software needs over the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. BLAZE Delivery has dispatch, inventory, and logistics functionality all built directly into our POS. This allows for one solution to handle both ice cream and pizza-style delivery models. Our software also integrates with enterprise driver tracking software Onfleet so you can see where your drivers are in real time.
Yes. BLAZE Delivery has a dedicated app for iOS and Android. Our app allows your drivers to scan products with the phone, get directions, communicate securely with Dispatch, call the customer upon arrival and tender the order.
Yes. Proper documentation and staying compliant are a must for any cannabis delivery service. With the BLAZE Delivery, drivers can capture ID verification images and signatures digitally on their mobile devices, ensuring proper documentation and compliance. This is saved with all sales transactions and easily accessible in the BLAZE backend for reference.

Yes. BLAZE Delivery is integrated with Onfleet to improve your delivery service with optimized routes & real-time driver tracking. It is also integrated with BLAZE ECOM™, Weedmaps, and Leafly to support online ordering and payments.

BLAZE Delivery supports dynamic delivery, making it one of the few POS platforms that lets your customers search your menu based on their delivery zip code to view products that are in stock with drivers close by. Integrations are available to help your delivery service scale and BLAZE Dispatch can help you consolidate your operation using a call-center style dispatching model.
Yes. Customer who place delivery orders online can prepay using the BLAZE ECOM™ ACH integration with Stronghold. We also support Pin Debit payments for delivery with 5G enabled mobile debit terminals.

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