Delivery Inventory Ledger

BLAZE Delivery gives you a 360º view of your delivery inventory. Easily accessible through the admin portal and the delivery mobile app, delivery inventory ledgers meet all the compliance requirements and provide increased transparency across your entire fleet.

Easily Accessible Inventory Ledger

Drivers can pull up their inventory ledger in seconds with the BLAZE Delivery app. This document is another essential for maintaining compliance that includes a history of what the driver took with them, what they have sold, and whats committed to an order.

Order Inventory Adjustments

Order adjustments can be made quickly if a customer needs to adjust the number of products, remove products, or add new products to an order. This will automatically reflect in the delivery application so that every order is packed correctly.

Detailed Product Information

The delivery inventory ledger also includes all the details of the inventory in a vehicle or driver kit. Details pertaining to the Product Name, Brand, Price, Batch SKU, Cannabis Type, Committed Quantity, Delivered Quantity, and Weight / Unit can be found.

Track and Trace Identifier

Every product in the delivery inventory ledger will be attached to a batch ID that syncs with the state traceability system such as Metrc. This is a critical piece of information that ensures that every product sold is being tracked and keeps your delivery service compliant.