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BLAZE Cannabis Retail Software Announces Sustained Pattern of Growth in 2022 and into 2023

BLAZE®, the industry-leading cannabis software suite and point-of-sale platform for cannabis retailers and delivery services, today proudly announced its 2022 full-year results with a peek into 2023 achievements to date. Within the last 14 months, BLAZE has experienced 90% revenue growth, made two key acquisitions (Greenline and Tymber), expanded its product offerings with BLAZE Insights® Advanced and BLAZE ECOM and grown operations across North America.

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BLAZE Cannabis Retail Software Announces Launch of E-Commerce Solution, BLAZE ECOM™

BLAZE®, the industry-leading cannabis software suite and point-of-sale platform for cannabis retailers and delivery services, today announced the launch of BLAZE ECOM™, a new e-commerce product that combines the best of BLAZE’s software with technology provided by Tymber, BLAZE’s most recent acquisition.

BLAZE ECOM allows retail partners to take a leap forward by providing their customers with the option to prepay for online orders and choose between pickup or delivery.

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2023 Brings new laws, rules for cannabis businesses nationwide

Chris Violas, CEO of Orange County-based marijuana retail software maker Blaze, applauded the change to permanent curbside pickup and delivery, a system first enacted in the early days of the pandemic.

“I’m a big fan of omnichannel, really allowing the customer to choose where they order, how they order, where they pick up and how they pick it up,” he said.

“So reducing friction at any point on the transaction is really, really important.”

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BLAZE Delivery Tech

Point of Sale Provider BLAZE Acquires Tymber

January 2023

Cannabis POS provider Blaze said on Wednesday that it has acquired e-commerce platform Tymber for an undisclosed price.

In a statement, Blaze said that the deal aims to “unlock powerful and seamless functionality in managing cannabis e-commerce.” Read More.

CBE’s Tech Stack Consideration List: Point-of-Sale Systems

A point-of-sale (POS) system is arguably the most important part of any dispensary’s technology stack. Being able to take payments from customers and efficiently manage orders and inventory are the main operations for retailers, after all.

With most major retail service providers still skirting the cannabis industry, an in-house market has grown to answer the particular needs that dispensaries have. From compliance, payments, and integrations with other platforms, these service providers are building the tech infrastructure supporting the cannabis industry. But each market and operator have their quirks to handle, and not all services in the market may ultimately be the right fit.

The One For Delivery: BLAZE

Retailers with a larger delivery footprint, or pure delivery services, can consider BLAZE as a top option for their needs, as the platform is built by former cannabis delivery business operators. A POS system with delivery in mind, BLAZE allows customers to browse nearby driver inventory from a delivery operator’s menu for rapid, on-demand service while streamlining management on the back end.

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America’s Top Cannabis Employers 2022

Becoming a truly inspirational workplace requires more than simply meeting expectations. Each year mg’s staff and a team of advisors pore over hundreds of company briefs, evaluating incentives, benefits, corporate culture, philanthropic initiatives, and reports from employees themselves. The results illustrate our industry is no slouch when it comes to ensuring workers are valued and protected.

A primarily remote workplace, BLAZE offers an impressive list of benefits (including stock options and bonuses) while also exerting extra effort to ensure the workforce stays connected. Frequent team-building events, games, and a robust Slack environment that incorporates channels for work and play bring team members together on and off the job. An unusual “shout-out” program awards gift cards to employees for kudos from coworkers. The BLAZE Cares program supports staff-selected nonprofits. The company promotes from within.

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Live Interview on MJBizCon Floor

I caught up with Kai Kirk of BLAZE at #mjbizcon to chat about their product offerings and some of the ways they help retailers. Kai shed some insight into new platform features and how their retail partners can leverage BLAZE’s data to make better decisions on the store floor, in the back of the house via inventory, and purchasing supply chain.

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Beyond Convenience, What’s The Future For Cannabis Delivery?

Delivering cannabis isn’t a new concept. Depending on where you live, having cannabis dropped off to you in person has been available for some time. However, everything “direct to consumer” (D2C) in cannabis is now in flux. What’s happening today in states like Massachusetts, California, and elsewhere has never been tried before until relatively recently. (At least not by anyone carrying a state-issued license to sell cannabis consumer products.) Consumers are increasingly turning to online ordering facilitated by sophisticated platforms like BLAZE, a leading provider of enterprise software for the cannabis industry. D2C opens possibilities ranging from same-day delivery from dispensary storefronts to distribution-only warehouse facilities to roaming food truck-like vehicles stocked with all the local favorites.

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Cannabis Tech Media

Panel: Inflation, Pandemic, and Politics // Panel Discussion: Inflation, Pandemic, and Politics

Cannabis industry experts speak up on the issues impacting their business in this exclusive Cannabis Tech roundtable-style panel discussion.

Let’s face it; everyone is facing challenges in the current economy. We asked four industry experts to join us on a webcast to discuss how the current state of affairs in the US is affecting their business segment.

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BLAZE: Cannabis Operators Building Software for Cannabis Operators

When Chris Violas, founder and CEO of cannabis seed-to-sale software company BLAZE, ran a cannabis delivery service under California’s Prop 215 system from 2011 to 2014, he saw firsthand the issues with which these businesses had to contend. Inventory management, driver dispatch, payments, ID checks… The logistics could be maddening.

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Leafly Partners With BLAZE Cannabis POS Platform To Address This Growing Trend

Cannabis software suite and point-of-sale platform BLAZE and Leafly Holdings, Inc. announced on Tuesday an enhanced partnership that instantly improves inventory management, menu capability and fulfillment tools for cannabis retailers and their employees.

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BLAZE and Leafly Announce Expanded Partnership to Offer More Value to Thousands of Cannabis Retailers

BLAZE®, the industry-leading cannabis software suite and point-of-sale (POS) platform for Cannabis Retailers, and Leafly, a leading cannabis discovery marketplace and resource for cannabis consumers, today announced an enhanced partnership that instantly improves inventory management, menu capability and fulfillment tools for cannabis retailers and their employees.

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