Brand guide

Seed to sale cannabis culture founded in 2015. This guide should teach you how to use BLAZE assets properly.

Primary Logo

Primary Dark against light background.

Primary Light against dark background.

Secondary Logo

Secondary Dark against light background.

Secondary Light against dark background.

Tagless Logo

Use when logo is too small to read the tagline.


The space between the leaf bug (icon on the left of “BLAZE”) and the letter B = 1rem. We double that for the space around the entire logo. The trademark symbol should be treated as a floating element and should not be included when calculating spacing around the logo.

Usage - do’s and dont’s



Only use logos provided by BLAZE.

Never change the colors.

Make sure the registered mark is visible.

Always use the full logo, never just the bug.
Never add effects like drop shadow or glow.

Always provide space and use proper contrast.

Avoid using our primary color as a background.

Product Logos


Should only use alternative colors to express a selection like “Hover” or “Active” except for using Retail (Main) as a Link color. Retail (Main) #1CC4E8 is too light to be used as text color on a white background. Use Retail Alt #2CB2DC instead.

Example: This link color (#1CC4E8) is too light,
Use this link color (#2CB2DC) instead.
Retail (Main)
Retail Alt
Grow Alt
Distro Alt

Events Alt
Insights Alt

Font Styles (Roboto)

Vertical rhythm is essential to good typography; notice how the line height and the letter spacing increase as the font size decrease. This pattern applies to all font weights (regular, medium & bold).