BLAZE® Insights

Business Intelligence Tools for Cannabis Operators

BLAZE Insights puts powerful reporting and analytics in one easy-to-use dashboard. BLAZE-powered cannabis retailers can weaponize their data to give them a competitive edge with the ability to drill down into reports and make data-driven decisions.

Actionable Data

Generate Dynamic Reports
Identify Buying Trends
Act on Accurate Data
Compare Your Performance

Features That Matter

Why BLAZE® Insights?

Easily Access Real-Time Data from Anywhere

Share Sales KPIs with Investors and Stakeholders

Automate Reports to Send Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Annually



Frequently Asked Questions

BLAZE Insights uses your sales and inventory data to create comprehensive reports that you can use to make critical business decisions. Cannabis retailers can purchase popular inventory, review staff performance, and prepare for high volume sales days like 4/20.

There is no additional cost for BLAZE Insights Standard. We will be releasing more extensive Insights functionality soon that will have an additional cost, however, it will be completely optional. The paid version will have its advantages, especially for multi-location cannabis dispensaries.

Yes. Insights will use all the delivery data to create dynamic reports that will help you streamline your delivery process and lower expenses.

BLAZE Insights is currently just for retail, however, we will be adding it to BLAZE Grow and BLAZE Distro very soon. We will be notifying all users once this functionality is available.

Yes. You can send daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports to managers, owners, or investors as long as they are part of your cannabis organization.

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Need help or have questions about our products?
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