BLAZE® and Weedmaps® Partner to Launch a Global Product Catalog for Cannabis Retailers

Global Product Catalog

We are excited to announce that BLAZE® has partnered with Weedmaps to bring a new level of consistency and accuracy to product data in BLAZE Retail® and BLAZE ECOM™.

By connecting BLAZE with Weedmaps’ catalog of more than 340,000 unique products, retailers have a reduced need for the manual entry of product data, resulting in greater operational efficiency, accurate and consistent information, and a better consumer shopping experience. 

“As our industry continues to grow, data standardization ensures retailers have the right products, at the right location, all at the right time, providing them with the ability to standardize and visualize product data so they can appropriately act on it. This integration with BLAZE is a significant step forward in our continued collaboration with cannabis technology providers to develop a universal product catalog for operators and cannabis consumers that delivers on breadth, depth, accuracy and quality.”

“This global catalog builds on our mission to provide enterprise features that increase operational efficiencies and normalize data across multiple retail locations. During development, our product team took a new approach to utilize product data directly from the brands that made them, making Weedmaps the obvious choice for this partnership given their scale.”

Recognizing the cannabis industry’s struggles with the fragmentation of retail data, the Weedmaps and BLAZE catalog integration simplifies the inventory creation process by auto-populating product information including images, descriptions and more. This new feature not only saves time, but also reduces errors from manual data entry, while providing flexibility to modify information like pricing, product tags, potency, and weight variances. 

Inventory managers can search by the product name, brand, or a combination of the two to find the corresponding product in the catalog and quickly create the product in their inventory. Imported values can be changed and additional details such as images, product tags, and potency can be added if desired.

There are three different ways new products can be added:

  • Add products on the Product and Categories pages
  • Add products through a Manual PO
  • Add products through a Compliance PO

Simply searching by the product name or brand will provide options to create the product in your inventory. Imported values can be changed and additional details such as images, product tags, and potency can be added.

Using this Global Catalog will help standardize your product data by importing the following data points into the BLAZE Retail® POS system:

  • Product Name
  • Description
  • Images
  • Strain
  • Concentration and Potency
  • Brand

Before saving the product, review the imported product details and image for accuracy and add the CategoryWeight Per Unit (WPU), and Vendor. 

If you have trouble finding a product in the global catalog, you can still create products from scratch. We recommended encouraging the brands you carry to list their products with Weedmaps so they can be added to the catalog. 

Vendors can protect their brand with verified images and descriptions while building brand awareness with the Weedmaps customer base. Brands interested in featuring products in the Global Product Catalog can contact Weedmaps to obtain a listing.

Watch BLAZE Embers on Exploring the Global Product Catalog

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