BLAZE Announces New ‘Insights Advanced’ Analytics for Cannabis Retail Customers

BLAZE Announces New ‘Insights Advanced’ Analytics for Cannabis Retail Customers

 We’re excited to today announce the launch of its Insights Advanced product for Enterprise and MSO cannabis retail customers. BLAZE Insights remains available for all clients to use, while the Insights Advanced option now allows large operators a more nuanced ability to track, evaluate and compare their performance among their outlets and competitors on a daily—or hourly—basis.

“BLAZE Advanced Insights is a game-changer for our enterprise and MSO clients who work across state lines and must accommodate differing compliance laws regulating each. With the Advanced Insights tool, data is consolidated and compiled so that our busiest team members have instant access to the metrics they need to make the swift decisions about ordering and selling that directly impact their bottom line, whether that’s inside the dispensary, in the warehouse or on the road for delivery.”  -Chris Violas, BLAZE CEO

This powerful business intelligence tool provides a new level of granularity that makes it easy to identify buying tends, evaluate employee performance, and optimize your cannabis inventory. BLAZE Advanced Insights offers a host of additional functionality that uncovers the hidden potential buried in your dispensary data.

Advanced Manager Dashboard

See business metrics broken out week-over-week, month-over-month and year-over-year.

Advanced Member Segmentation

Extract any member segmentation by demographics, affinity and behavior.

Advanced Lifetime Value

Measure the lifetime value of marketing sources and promotions.

Advanced Discount Dashboard

Summarize all discounts, including the difference between expected and actual revenue.

Advanced Staffing Dashboard

Identify staffing bottlenecks and best budtenders based on average transaction volume by day-of-week and hour-of-day.

Advanced Delivery Dashboard

Identify top product sales by delivery city and region and see delivery times by packed by employee.

Advanced Products Dashboard

Liquidate non-performing products, optimize reorders and monitor supply levels

See BLAZE Insights Advanced in Action

Cannabis retail operators interested in seeing the full capability of BLAZE Insights Advanced can schedule a demo with one of our expert data scientists. Learn how to centralize the key performance indicators into convenient dashboards and automatically send daily, weekly, or monthly reports for your entire team.

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