The BLAZE Unofficial MJBizCon Recap

MJBizCon has just wrapped up and we wanted to reflect on the wild week we just had. We’ll take you through day by day and give you all the details about what went down. 

Day 1-Pre Show

The first day is the preshow and all about set-up. The team rolled in from all across the country to get things started. We set to work putting up the BLAZE booth and getting our equipment ready for the big day.    

The team finished the night with a team bonding dinner and got a early night in before the first day of the show!

Day 2-First Day of the Show

After months of work and pre-show prep, the first day of the show finally began. Our team opened the booth to the waves of MJBizCon traffic. We showed cannabis pros from all over the country and even the globe, all the BLAZE software features. BLAZE Retail took center stage as we demoed our industry-leading features to dispensary owners and operators. 

The night kicked off with an amazing party thrown by the people at Grasslands. We blew off some steam with some dank buds and great drinks. 

Day 3- Second Day of the MJBizCon

The second day of MJBizCon kicked off and the BLAZE team was in full stride. We spent the day demoing the suite of BLAZE products from our Retail and Delivery apps to our BLAZEPAY payment system. Day two was a big day for another reason, our very own CEO Chris Violas was speaking. He joined a panel of other cannabis insiders on how U.S brands can find new opportunities in the Canadian cannabis market. The talk went off without a hitch and the audience got a deep dive into important insights on what it takes to succeed across the borders.

With the second night came the much anticipated party with Temeca. We kicked off the night partying in the King-Pin suite with some of the best in the biz. We scored a couple strikes and had a great time with everyone. From there, we cruised over to the Fairchild Shangri-La. It was a wild way to cap off a fantastic night.

Day 4- Third Day of MJBizCon

The final day of MJBiz had arrived. Our team met the final hordes of cannabis pros head on and got to work wheeling and dealing. Over the day, the team was able to demo to more prospects, revisit talks from earlier in the week, and close some deals. By the end of the day, the team left knowing that we crushed the week and were ready to make the most of each and every conversation we had.


With this year’s MjBizCon over, we wanted to give a huge thank you to the entire BLAZE team, all the amazing people we met over the week, and the cannabis community as a whole. Everyone involved made for an amazing week or working with the best of the industry. We can’t wait to see you all next year! 

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