How to Simplify Colorado Cannabis Delivery

Cannabis Delivery in Colorado


According to Adam Benko and Brian Mayfield, co-founders of MJstack, we are living in an industry powered by startups when it comes to cannabis technology and the Colorado cannabis industry.

Having been in the industry for some time now, Benko and Mayfield are intimately familiar with the idea that many dispensaries feel POS is a necessary evil. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Exploring newer, more robust technology enables new revenue streams and integrations that make running your business easier and more efficient. You might even find that entering this new Colorado delivery landscape necessitates a change to the technology you depend on. 

Everything You Need to Conquer Colorado Cannabis Delivery

Cannabis Delivery Software Colorado
A Support System for Cannabis Delivery

Companies hesitant about the change can turn to MJstack. There’s a lot of noise when it comes to technology in the cannabis space. MJstack focuses solely on guiding cannabis business owners through that noise, helping them circumnavigate time-consuming vendor evaluations.

Colorado’s cannabis landscape is changing rapidly. MJ Stack can provide your business with free guidance as you transition into the delivery space. They’ll act as your guide throughout the whole process, helping you find the ultimate tech stack to provide a seamless, safe, transparent delivery experience for your customers. 

That’s exactly why we partnered with MJstack on this article. They understand the struggles of Colorado cannabis delivery, and they recognize BLAZE as one of many solutions to this problem. 

The Right Integrations

Chris Violas, CEO and co-founder at BLAZE, is no different. He struggled to manage many disparate systems that weren’t communicating with each other, making business inefficient and difficult to manage. He drew on his experience running a delivery service and his technical knowledge to develop an ERP solution capable of meeting the needs of an enterprise-level delivery service. 

As a development-forward seed-to-sale software, BLAZE decided early on that integrating with other cannabis software partners would be a key component to servicing different business models. Whether it’s software for analytics, eCommerce, loyalty, SMS, marketing, digital displays, or financial services, our integrations deliver the most accurate data.

One of the biggest challenges for delivery services is tracking multiple drivers. This is when integrating with other software like Onfleet and Tookan really makes a difference. This is especially true for large-scale multi-location enterprise delivery services. Even though Colorado delivery is just getting started, it’s always beneficial to use software that can grow with your business.

One of the unique advantages of using BLAZE is that it has workflows for both hub-based and on-demand delivery models. This means that drivers can either pick up a few orders at a hub and deliver them or have onboard inventory and fulfill orders while on the go.

We also use a “white glove approach” to training staff whether it’s a dispensary, delivery service or grow op. This means we give every customer special attention and care through a comprehensive onboarding process, in-depth training, or educational content to support their journey as business owners in the cannabis space. 

The Ability to Automate

CannaHauler is another cannabis SaaS platform backed by MJstack. It’s a cannabis logistics platform headquartered right in Denver, Colorado. This resource helps automate deliveries for cannabis operators by digitizing the METRC manifest, helping businesses lower transportation costs, save on paper, maximize workflow efficiency, and boost data accuracy and security.

It’s Time for a Change

Colorado Cannabis Delivery Software Systems

This is the moment for Colorado cannabis businesses to break through their complacency. You might be comfortable where you are, but the cannabis industry is rapidly growing. Just think about the role all types of delivery services have played this past year and a half. You never know what industry shifts will occur, but you can stay prepared by continuously evolving. 

We’re at a point where regulations in Colorado are changing. New software companies are moving into the state and they’re uniquely positioned to help Colorado business owners. They have a proven track record of successfully helping business owners on the west coast. It’s time to gear up to run a compliant delivery service. 

While there is always a learning curve with implementing new technology, now is a time when the benefits outweigh the costs, by a long shot. If you’re pivoting your business model to accommodate delivery as an additional revenue stream, you need to re-evaluate your business model as a whole– and that means exploring new software systems that can help! 

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