Massachusetts Law Updates

Adult-use cannabis sales are doing well in Massachusetts. In the first year after it became the first east coast state to permit adult-use retail sales, licensees generated $393.7 million in gross sales. Cannabis Control Commission member Jennifer Flanagan said “I am proud of the hard work that has been done to get us to this point. Our agency has proven its commitment to address the public health and safety facets of marijuana legalization in Massachusetts through comprehensive regulations and the launch of the More About Marijuana public awareness campaign.”

Over the past year, the Commission was persistent in its efforts to set and implement nation-leading policies that support full participation in the adult-use cannabis marketplace by communities that have been harmed by the War on Drugs,” Commissioner Shaleen Title said. “I hope the voters who supported legalization in Massachusetts recognize the progress we are making and continue to work with us to achieve the industry they envisioned.”

As of November 2019, the Commission approved 71 cultivation licenses including five outdoor cultivators, which are authorized to grow nearly 2.1 million square feet of canopy throughout the state. Of those, 21 licensees have commenced operations for adult-use cultivation. 

Since the first two adult-use retailers commenced operations in Massachusetts last November, 33 total have opened statewide. Another 54 with provisional or final license approval are in the process of completing the Commission’s inspection and compliance procedures. In total, the Commission has licensed 227 Marijuana Establishments, including Cultivators, Product Manufacturers, Microbusinesses, and more. For updates regarding the Commission’s license and application data by license category, visit the Commission’s Open Data Platform. Massachusetts uses the Metrc seed to sale tracking and reporting platform. 

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