Missouri Cannabis Laws Update

In 2014, Missouri legislators voted to reduce penalties for cannabis possession of 10 grams or less, but it was still a criminal conviction. The Missouri cannabis laws also permit the use of CBD oil for medicinal purposes, and attitudes towards cannabis began to change. In November 2018, Amendment 2 passed with a robust 65.5 percent approval. Briefly, the law:

  • Legalized cannabis for medical purposes.
  • Taxed cannabis sales at 4 percent.
  • The tax revenue goes to support services for veterans.

Missouri Cannabis Laws

Amendment 2 also permits patients to grow up to six plants in their homes. Patients can also purchase 4 ounces of flower or its equivalent, and possess not less than a 60-day supply of flower or its equivalent. This limit can be extended with written certification from two independent physicians. 

The cannabis tax revenue is allocated to veterans for healthcare services, job training, housing assistance, and other services. Amendment 2 also authorized not less than 24 dispensaries in each of the state’s eight congressional districts, based on 2018 district boundaries.

COVID-19 Delays Adult-Use Initiative

Missourians for a New Approach sought to place a new Adult-Use Sales Initiative on the November 2020 ballot. The initiative would:

  • Legalize for Adults 21 and over.
  • A 15 percent tax on retail sales.
  • Expungement of prior cannabis convictions.
  • Create commonsense regulations.
  • Enable localities to opt-out of cannabis businesses.

More than 160,000 registered voter signatures were needed to put the initiative on the ballot. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, MNA reported collecting approximately 80,000 signatures but was forced to suspend the campaign for the 2020 election year. They are optimistic to get the proposed initiative on the ballot in 2021.

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