Oregon Delivery Metrc Changes

Oregon Delivery Services Require More Compliance

As COVID-19 continues to limit cannabis operators to curbside pick up and delivery, having a complete retail software that integrates seamlessly with Metrc is critical. Oregon delivery has notoriously had its operational burdens especially when it comes to delivery and Metrc. Posting sales to Metrc for Delivery in Oregon is, well, a very different task than completing a delivery order in any other Metrc state. The result is it takes up to three times longer to process the proper steps in order to complete deliveries in Oregon versus other states that allow for delivery like California. “It takes eight to ten minutes to prepare an order by hand” says Kris Gould, Kush Cart CEO. 

What does this mean to you? Either you are not taking advantage of delivery because it’s too much of a hassle or you are wasting time and energy unnecessarily because your POS isn’t optimized to help.

How Does BLAZE Help? 

BLAZE worked closely with customer Kush Cart CEO, Kris Gould to ensure BLAZE supported the differences for Oregon. Now Kush Cart is saving a ton of time because BLAZE automatically is pushing this important sales information into Metrc.  BLAZE simplifies the Metrc integration for all aspects of Retail in Oregon and through our many integrations Kush Cart uses Tymber to power their e-commerce digital presence. Tymber works closely with BLAZE and customers to make sure some of the most unique requirements are met. In the case of Kush Cart, Tymber is able to search and verify delivery addresses by zoning code in real time. This saves the Kush Cart team precious time, as they can be confident that every order coming into BLAZE is eligible to receive cannabis delivery.  

How does it actually work in BLAZE? 

From the dedicated Dispatch page within BLAZE, the dispatch team can now pack orders, assign them to drivers and then Create Metrc Delivery Transaction. This one-click approach saves critical minutes and mistakes for the dispatching team. Once the CREATE METRC DELIVERY action is selected, we automatically send over the needed information to Metrc. 

As we all know, Metrc is sometimes down and doesn’t respond to every request. Therefore, we placed a Metrc Icon next to the orders that were sent to Metrc with the corresponding status. In this case, the CREATE METRC DELIVERY was successful. You can see the status of the order by hovering over the Metrc icon. It will show the status of the submission and then the DELIVERY ID. 

Now, the driver can take off on the delivery with peace of mind. That said, the work isn’t done yet. The driver needs to deliver the product and record the actual date and time of delivery along with any products that were returned/not accepted by the end consumer and/or patient. 

Completing the delivery order with BLAZE is easy with the BLAZE Driver App. The driver can use their Android or Apple phone to get directions, communicate securely with Dispatch, call the customer upon arrival and tender the order (take a signature and cash out the order). Once the order is completed on the BLAZE Driver app, BLAZE will send the second COMPLETE Delivery API call to close out the delivery in Metrc.


Are you ready to BLAZE a new path for your company? Our Sales Team would love to talk about how we may help you, so send us an email to get things started.

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