Cannabis POS for Dispensary Operations: Everything you need to Know to Succeed

In the cannabis dispensary business, being nimble and keeping an open mind are important to your ongoing success. We’re hoping that you’re doing well and your dispensary has plenty of exceptional products, excellent staff, and strong sales. But as your business grows you’ll need the right tools to manage it, including a cannabis POS system for dispensary operations. A rock-solid POS system is the nerve center for your dispensary and it’s critically important in helping you manage your growing business. 

For Successful Dispensaries, Cannabis POS is SOP

Point of sale software should be a standard operating procedure for every dispensary in America. We’re not alone in that belief as many successful owners and managers understand that POS systems are an integral part of their retail operations. They appreciate that it integrates with everything from customer check-in to final sale on the front side, to inventory control, accounting, tax calculations, and compliance reporting on the back end. BLAZE Retail software was designed for this very reason ⎼ to simplify your dispensary operations. 

Empower Your Budtenders and Increase Sales with Cannabis POS

While regulated cannabis dispensaries are still relatively new within retail commerce, there are plenty of age-old concepts that can help your bottom line. One of these is empowering your budtenders to better serve your customers. Budtenders need to be educators as well as salespeople, and a solid cannabis POS system like BLAZE Retail provides customer profiles and sales history literally at the budtender’s fingertips with iPad® and iPhone® integration. This is invaluable for knowing the customer’s preferences for making product recommendations and upsells. When the patient or customer is made to feel welcome and part of the dispensary community, this tends to generate greater loyalty and more return visits. In the marketing world, this is called the customer’s Long Term Value. BLAZE Dispensary POS software helps increase each customer’s LTV by assisting with loyalty programs, marketing campaigns, and customer relations management. 

Easy to use cannabis POS software like BLAZE Retail also helps improve budtender professionalism and prowess. When real-time menu items are easily accessible, this frees the budtender to present more product recommendations without worrying about whether the product is in stock. Even for those customers who routinely stick to one or two products, having a budtender provide suggestions on new or promotional items improves the budtender’s credibility as a professional. This also goes a long way in improving staff training, consistency, and hopefully reducing staff turnover. An integrated POS system also has the ability to better communicate dispensary culture and get everyone on the same page. 

Cash Flow and Cannabis

In most states, dispensaries run on cash and managing cash flow is a vital component of the business. Until changes are made at the federal level, cash will remain king for the foreseeable future. But cash-only businesses present a whole host of issues ranging from simple transaction errors and potential employee theft to security, compliance reporting, and even paying the bills. The BLAZE Retail solution enables you to process online sales orders through your website. In the dispensary itself, our solution uses iPad and iPhone apps as a smart cash register. Both the web and iOS versions rely on an easy to use interface to track sales and inventory data. Our POS system also supports barcode integration through the product’s entire life cycle. We designed it so you can quickly scan a product into a PO for an internal transfer, or scan a product for sale.

When you integrate sales transactions with inventory control, accounting, and payroll, you can make informed decisions based on what the data is actually telling you. This is crucial when contemplating scalability or if you’re already running multiple storefronts or sales channels. The BLAZE Retail software is cloud-based so you never need to worry about disruptive software patches or upgrades. Even better, you can also process sales before or after your operating hours. 

Compliance and Metrc® Alignment

Most states with regulated cannabis dispensaries require seed to sale tracking within the legal cannabis marketplace. Dispensary owners know that compliance can be a challenge and errors are costly. BLAZE Retail helps simplify the tracking and reporting process because it fully integrates with Metric and other state-mandated tracking programs. Once again, this eases the burden on both frontline and back-office staff for timely and accurate compliance reporting tasks. 

Look for our next blog post that will explore how Cannabis retailers are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Until then, revisit our blog page for other posts that may be helpful to you, or click here to learn more about our Dispensary POS software.

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