CBE’s Tech Stack Consideration List: Point-of-Sale Systems

A point-of-sale (POS) system is arguably the most important part of any dispensary’s technology stack. Being able to take payments from customers and efficiently manage orders and inventory are the main operations for retailers, after all.

With most major retail service providers still skirting the cannabis industry, an in-house market has grown to answer the particular needs that dispensaries have. From compliance, payments, and integrations with other platforms, these service providers are building the tech infrastructure supporting the cannabis industry. But each market and operator have their quirks to handle, and not all services in the market may ultimately be the right fit.

The One For Delivery: BLAZE

Retailers with a larger delivery footprint, or pure delivery services, can consider BLAZE as a top option for their needs, as the platform is built by former cannabis delivery business operators. A POS system with delivery in mind, BLAZE allows customers to browse nearby driver inventory from a delivery operator’s menu for rapid, on-demand service while streamlining management on the back end.

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