BLAZE + Weedmaps Update Menu Integration for Cannabis Retailers

Weedmaps Menu Crawler
It’s now easier than ever to use the BLAZE integration with the Weedmaps menu crawler. Making sure your inventory is up to date and available at the time of sale is a super important part of creating loyalty in your customer base. BLAZE is one of the first partners to have both a live menu and orders integration with Weedmaps.

Inventory management just got a whole lot easier with menu crawler

Here’s how it helps:

  • Super accurate inventory
  • More ways to manage your menus
  • More time for your team to dedicate to your customer
  • Less time spent duplicating data in your menus

For customers new to menu crawler:

  • A quick and easy process that takes just a few steps to sync your menu from your BLAZE point-of-sale (POS) to your Weedmaps menu. 
  • Integration helps with behind-the-scenes menu management and allows your customers to enjoy a richer shopping experience.
  • Save customers time and effort with menu items always available for pick-up in your store. 
  • Time back to work on more strategic tasks since you don’t have to manually update your menu with the latest inventory.
  • Peace of mind knowing the process of updating your menu items is automated through a sync, so you don’t have to take any action. 

For customers migrating from catalog API to menu crawler:

  • Flexibility to manually update your Weedmaps menu (adding or editing items) from either your BLAZE POS or the Weedmaps admin panel when items are out-of-sync, all without overriding the work you’ve already done. 
  • The integration enables automatic improvements to your menu’s accuracy and the quality of your menu over time.
    • Weedmaps checks your POS menu every few minutes and determines whether updates to your Weedmaps menu are required.
    • When you add new products to your BLAZE POS system, Weedmaps automatically creates those product items for you on your Weedmaps menu. 
    • Similarly, new information on an existing menu item is updated on your POS, such as new product descriptions or inventory. Weedmaps will automatically update your menu with this new information.
  • Know you’re covered with Weedmaps and BLAZE monitoring the integration to identify and resolve issues and outages.

Want to see it in action?

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