BLAZE™ Retail

Dispensary POS Software to Simplify your Storefront

Designed for budtenders, delivery drivers and front desk personnel, the iPad & iPhone app makes customer interactions easy. Sign up members and get them checked out quickly by using the fastest, most intuitive POS app in the industry.

Intuitive POS software.

Speed Up Transactions

Offline mode allows you to process sales while the lights are out!

Powerful integrations allow your dispenary to sell omni-channel with ease!

Process sales on your phone or desktop via the web or download our iOS app.

Barcode integration support throughout the product life cycle. Scan a product into a PO, for an internal transfer, or scan a product for sale.

Sell Anywhere

Easily turn your website into an online storefront in less than 5 minutes.

Have your members sign up and place orders through your website.

Send automated texts with order status and tracking link.

Works with all websites including WordPress, SquareSpace, GoDaddy, HTML5 and more!

Simplify Management

Our easy integration with METRC makes staying compliant easy.

Excise tax headaches? BLAZE™ makes managing and recording taxes easy .

Have multiple locations? Know where all your inventory is no matter what room or location

The BLAZE™ purchase orders system is robust. We have a step by step process to manage the PO throughout the life cycle.

No more paperwork! Use our iPad app to collect digital agreements.

All data on BLAZE™ Retail is encrypted at rest and in transit ensuring your data never gets into the wrong hands.

Track mileage for all deliveries and drivers.

Dispensary POS Features that Matter

Why BLAZE™ Retail?

  • BLAZE™ Retail is an easier, more efficient way to run your dispensary
  • We will reduce your transaction times
  • Scan documents and licenses in seconds making new member signups quick and hassle free
  • Managers can track all drivers and transactions, giving them a clear picture of dispensary activity
  • BLAZE Retail supports mulitple locations making multi-location management easy
  • Import existing data in seconds
  • Secured using the latest in cloud technologies
  • Our powerful reporting tools can give you new perspectives
  • Customizable digital menu boards to display product

Dispensaries already enjoying simplified operations.

Dispensaries across the US are seeing the benefits that BLAZE Retail can offer them. Streamlining business, delivering results, and removing obstacles from your day-to-day operations.