Cannabis Delivery

Cannabis delivery services are set to grow exponentially over the next few years. In California, for instance, delivery services may operate in municipalities that do not otherwise permit licensed storefront dispensaries. Cannabis delivery sales are truly about convenience and customers expect a seamless, positive experience.

Scheduled and On-Demand Deliveries

With BLAZE Retail POS, dispensary dispatchers can track drivers and transactions, providing a clear picture of the dispensary’s delivery activity.

Driver GPS Tracking

BLAZE allows you to optimize routes and streamline delivery, reducing the number of drivers you need and maximizing the number of customers you can service.

Inventory Manifests + Driver Logs

BLAZE Retail simplifies cannabis delivery compliance. Proper documentation and staying compliant are a must for any cannabis delivery service. With the BLAZE Delivery app, drivers can capture ID verification images and signatures digitally on their mobile devices. This is saved with all sales transactions and easily accessible in BLAZE.

Mobile Checkout

Checkout your customers on deliveries with mobile checkout. Quickly process sales during deliveries and speed up both transaction and delivery times.