Cannabis Payments

BLAZE Retail dispensary POS is designed to specifically meet the requirements of cannabis dispensaries. Intuitive software gives budtenders the tools they need to efficiently check guests out and increase sales. The suite of BLAZE software empowers your dispensary to sell more, keep track of your data, and grow your business.

Increase Basket Size

BLAZE POS users saw an increase of 35% bigger cart sizes. That’s money that can be spent growing your business.

Optional Budtender Tipping

BLAZE Retail is made for iOS and Android. With BLAZE, you’ll be able to make sales anywhere and quickly check out guests right from the store floor. The BLAZE app also makes managing delivery sales and operations across multiple stores a breeze.

To-the-Penny Payments

More accurate data analytics reduces rounding loss and provides to-the-penny payments from your transactions data.

Faster Reconciliation

Quickly generate payment reports and reconciliation with accurate and real-time payments data.