Inventory Management

It’s crucial to have maximum visibility into your cannabis inventory at all times. Identifying your most popular products and what needs restocking. BLAZE ensures you have accurate inventory counts and sends automated alerts for low stock. Make easy transfers between rooms or locations in the store. With BLAZE Dispensary POS your customers will be browsing up-to-date menus when shopping online.

Accurate Real-Time Inventory

Feel confident that your inventory menus are always kept up-to-date so your customers are always shopping for products that are in stock whether online or in-store. eCommerce integrations reserve inventory as soon as the order is placed so customers are never disappointed.

Bulk Imports and Adjustments

Easily conduct bulk imports with just the touch of a button and upload multiple products at once. You can also make bulk adjustments to your inventory and seamlessly transfer inventory from one store to another in your BLAZE POS system.

Painless Inventory Auditing

Save time auditing your inventory by adjusting the differences in quantity or by the actual inventory listed in the POS system. Choose whether to make the adjustment in Metrc or just in your BLAZE point-of-sale.

Low Stock Alerts

Receive instant low-stock notifications when products fall below a certain threshold so you can re-order and prevent customers from missing out on their favorite brands or products.