Multi-Location Management

BLAZE Retail gives you the control to manage multiple dispensary locations or delivery services. Whether it’s 2 stores or 10 stores, we provide the tools that give you complete visibility into your store metrics and the power to make changes quickly.

Inventory Across Stores

Manage and move inventory across multiple stories in seconds. Select your products and seamlessly transfer between locations as needed.

Company Level Analytics

The BLAZE platform allows you to easily view company-level data and analytics from multiple locations and switch between them.

Role-Based Permissions

Grant permissions to your team based on their roles. Easily give access to your trusted employees and ensure the right people have access to the right information.

Omni-Channel Sales

Make the most of omnichannel sales with the BLAZE suite of plug-ins. Whether it’s in-store sales, eCommerce orders, or purchases from online marketplaces, BLAZE gives you the ability to make sales across platforms and capture untapped sources of revenue.