Open API Docs

The BLAZE Retail open API makes it a breeze to integrate with our tech stack. The BLAZE system gives you the full power of industry-leading partners and seamless integrations so you can streamline operations and boost your store profits.

Design Seamless Branded Experience

Design the ultimate store and customer experience with BLAZE integrations. BLAZE partners provide industry-leading software for website design and customer journeys.

Create Customized Solutions

Find customized solutions to meet your business needs with BLAZE partners. We have integrations to meet every aspect of your operations and create a personalized tech stack specifically for your brand.

Deep API Docs for Developers

BLAZE connects you with third-party platforms using BLAZE API keys. You’ll be able to quickly generate your developer key from the backend of BLAZE Retail, giving you more power to manage your integrations.

High-Quality Data Directly from POS

Empower your business with high-quality data directly from your BLAZE POS. The BLAZE system keeps track of data and never deletes it, so it’s always available when you need it.