BLAZE Now Offers Integrated PIN Debit Payments for Dispensary POS Users

BlazePay PIN Debit

Your customers want to pay their way, and that doesn’t always mean cash. In fact, consumers use debit a lot more often than cash. At least 25% more often.  That’s why BLAZE has developed a Integrated Pin Debit feature for our BLAZE retail customers. 

Integrated Pin Debit allows consumers to charge the exact total of a cannabis transaction to their debit card instead of having to pay with cash.  This information is automatically transferred to and from BLAZE so that operators do not have to work with a 3rd party payments provider or fumble with entering transaction totals on a standalone card terminal.

We are excited to help make payments easier for you and the consumer. 

Here are a few ways it’ll benefit the dispensary and the consumer:

  • Less cash to keep up with and less money spent on security for cash
  • Better revenue and consumer retention 
  • Less time reconciling payments as the data lives in your POS
  • Quicker checkout process
  • Consumer familiarity with the checkout process

BLAZE will continue to find new and better ways for our software to benefit our clients and the customers of our clients. We’re always creating new features and working on 

If you already run BLAZE, reach out about the feature. 
If you aren’t running BLAZE get a demo and see how we make tech easy to use for every team.

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