Choosing a Cannabis POS for Your New Mexico Dispensary

New Mexico cannabis dispensary POS

New Mexico joined the list of states allowing recreational cannabis sales in June of 2021. This quickly created a boom of cannabis retailers and entrepreneurs opening shop. State cannabis sales have skyrocketed and the state offers tremendous opportunity. As many cannabis retailers get off the ground, they’ll be needing the right software to operate. No cannabis software is more important than their dispensary POS (point of sale) system. There’s been a lot of confusion about choosing a New Mexico dispensary POS. BLAZE is here to help answer your questions and pick the right POS for your cannabis operations (and tell you a little bit about why BLAZE might be right for you). 

Does my cannabis POS make compliance easier with New Mexico dispensary state laws?

Cannabis pos

Cannabis compliance is one of the most important aspects of cannabis retailer operations and at times one of the most difficult. Checking things like customers age, expired medical cannabis cards, and purchase limits are all mandated by the state. Failing to do so or failing to keep records of doing so can result in legal and criminal charges for your business. The right New Mexico dispensary POS will implement automations to simplify and improve this process. Installing things like employee permissions, purchase limit alerts, ID scanners, and automation to reduce the risk of human error, is crucial for your dispensary POS to have. 

Does my New Mexico dispensary POS integrate with BioTrack?

BioTrack is the state’s mandated Track and Trace Software. Your New Mexico dispensary POS system will need to have a full API integration and 2-way sync with BioTrack. Having a seamless integration between BioTrack and your dispensary POS like BLAZE will save you time and reduce the chance of errors. 

Does my New Mexico dispensary POS have to be BioTrack?

NO! While BioTrack does offer its own POS system, you are not required to use it. BLAZE POS is a great alternative for your New Mexico dispensary POS. Our POS integrates with BioTrack for state mandating reporting but brings intuitive workflows, powerful integrations with other software vendors, and best-in-class customer support. 

Does my POS need to be different for medical marijuana vs. recreational? 

No. A quality POS system will be able to handle both. However, there things that dual-license holders need to be aware of. Dual-licensed New Mexico dispensaries offering both medical and recreational cannabis must reserve a minimum of 10% of their product for medical marijuana patients. Your POS system must be set up to keep track of that and make sure your inventory never dips below acceptable levels.

What about cannabis delivery with my New Mexico POS?

industry leaders. Online ordering and delivery are currently available for New Mexico medical marijuana dispensaries and are expected to allow for recreational cannabis delivery sometime in 2022. Whether you’re launching a medical marijuana or recreational dispensary, having a plan in place for delivery is key. With BLAZE Retail, dispatch, inventory, and logistics functionality is built directly into our POS. Ultimately, this allows our system to handle the most difficult delivery methods and insure smoother operations on your end.

What other software does my POS integrate with?

A great POS should integrate with a powerful tech stack of other software that specialize in marketing, SMS, e-commerce, and analytics. Thus giving you the best software the market offers, rather than relying on one program to do it all. This is one of the most important things to look for when choosing your dispensary software. New Mexico dispensary POS systems like BLAZE has industry leading integrations with companies like Weedmaps, Leafly, Springbig, Tymber, Jane, and Onfleet. In fact, BLAZE has over 60 integrations with industry leaders. 

What kind of support can I expect for my dispensaries?

Running a dispensary is tough work. There will be plenty of times when your operations hit a snag and need help. Choosing a dispensary POS with quality customer support is integral for your cannabis business. BLAZE is with you from the beginning. Our team will help your business get set up and provide comprehensive training on our software. From there, our team is always ready to help and address problems and in-real time and prevent mistakes from happening in the future. Whether it’s dealing with a WiFi outage or preparing for sales on 4/20, our team is standing by. We service over a thousand clients across the U.S and Canada, and are ready to help you New Mexico dispensary as well. 

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