How Seed to Sale Helps Grow Your Business

Let’s be honest, change is hard and most people do not embrace it. The old saying that people get set in their ways carries a lot of truth. This is especially relevant for people that worked in an illegal cannabis industry where jail and prison time were real possibilities. To avoid getting arrested people went about their cannabis business in a tried and true manner that involved stealth, discretion, and most of all, secrecy. Sharing information of any kind was an anathema to any OG growing and selling weed. But things are changing. Professionals in the modern cannabis business understand that the old ways of doing things are ending. A great way to start on a new path is learning how seed to sale tracking can help grow your business.

Implementing cloud-based seed to sale tracking software developed by cultivators for cultivators like BLAZE Grow is a step in the right direction. If you’re on the fence about it or just need some more information, we thought it might be helpful to consider a few tips on how BLAZE Grow can help your cannabis business.

1. It’s the Law in Most States

One of the tradeoffs for the states legalizing cannabis either for medical or adult-use is that authorities need to properly regulate it. Most states require seed to sale tracking software of some sort to eliminate or at least deter illegal cannabis cultivation and sales. This means complying with the Metrc® tracking platform (or others) required by state regulators. 

While laws differ from state to state, tracking software helps cannabis cultivators stay compliant with their state’s law. After all, it’s hard to grow a cannabis business when you’ve been raided and your inventory has been confiscated for non-compliance, even if by avoidable errors. Don’t be that cannabis company. 

2. Cultivation Processes, Materials, and Costs 

Seed to sale tracking data enables you to dig deep into yields and potency, among other cultivation benefits like how nutrients, water, temperature, and humidity affect your plants. By capturing data about your grow you can analyze it to maintain consistency, efficiency, and make real-time improvements based on what the analytics are telling you. This can lead to larger yields and fewer losses which translates into better harvests and larger profits. It also lets you examine how your materials and costs are affecting your bottom line. 

3. Optimal Harvest and Curing Data

We know that strain consistency matters and data is your friend in the business. Let it help you with decisions about the peak moment to harvest and curing process to get the most out of your hard work. Don’t waste those prized terpenes by harvesting too soon or damaging them during the curing process. There is intrinsic, natural artistry to cannabis cultivation and harvesting, but data can also play an important role in your process. Data simply helps you work smarter. 

4. Forecasting and Reporting 

Seed to sale software can help with every facet of your cannabis business, including short and long term forecasting, reporting requirements, and daily admin tasks. While these may not be the fun parts of growing your cannabis business, they are essential to your success. This is especially true when you’re dealing with or seeking investors who will demand it. 

5. Batch Testing

Testing is of critical importance to regulated cannabis. Many states implemented a “phased-in process” for cannabis that requires different tests over time as the marketplace matures. Cannabis software can alert you to what is required at each stage, so if an issue comes up, data can help isolate a potential issue so you can quickly take the best steps to correct it. 

6. Transportation and Shipping Manifests

Metrc and other platforms require detailed information when moving and transporting cannabis products. It may not matter whether the plant is moving 50 feet or 500 miles. A data entry mistake can have costly consequences, and BLAZE Grow provides templates to reduce the risk of data entry errors. To help avoid mistakes, compliance warnings are built into our seed to sale cultivation platform.

 7. Dispensary Sales

Tracking data is of immense value to dispensaries. Up to date inventory management, customer trends, and marketing strategies like loyalty programs are critical to managing a dispensary. To help grow your business it’s a good idea to help dispensaries sell more of your product. 

How Can BLAZE Grow Your Biz? 

We’re proud of the fact that our cloud-based, seed-to-sale software solution was designed for cultivators by cultivators. We’re growing alongside the cannabis marketplace by developing the right mix of tracking tools, data management, and industry insight so you can concentrate on doing what you love each and every day; growing your cannabis business. Get started on your new journey and learn how seed to sale tracking can help.

As part of the cannabis community, we want to help our partners succeed. Contact us and let’s explore how we can help you. Reach out online or call us at (415) 964-5689.

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