Cannabis Delivery POS: Everything There’s to Know


Cannabis delivery services are set to grow exponentially over the next few years. In California, state regulators took the position that delivery services may operate in municipalities that do not otherwise permit licensed dispensaries. This enforcement decision was of paramount importance to delivery service operators here in California because, in addition to increasing dispensary sales, delivery services open up access to cannabis for a variety of underserved communities. However, like all things cannabis, compliance is crucial, and cannabis delivery POS (point of sale) software decisions can generate lucrative rewards in a potentially challenging sales and compliance environment. 


The Major Elements of Cannabis Delivery POS  Software are:


  1. Real-time integration with inventory.
  2. Quick inventory transfer options for fast fast packing of vehicles.
  3. Real-time driver location, route optimization, and transaction data.
  4. Geotargeting customers to improve sales in a defined territory.
  5. Integration with the state’s seed to sale tracking and reporting software. 
  6. Integrations with Onfleet or Tookan.
  7. Driver communication capabilities with dispatch and customers.
  8. Customer signature and ID capture.
  9. Scanning capabilities for packing.
  10. Promotions and texting capabilities.

Cannabis delivery sales are truly about convenience and customers expect a seamless, positive experience. With Blaze Retail POS, dispensary managers can track drivers and transactions, providing a clear picture of the dispensary’s delivery activity.


Cannabis Delivery POS


The Customer is Always Right

For medical cannabis patients who rely on regularly scheduled deliveries, effortless transactions are essential for maintaining a positive relationship. This means getting their orders right the first time and every time. In addition to efficiently automating a customer’s order, robust cannabis delivery POS software provides insights into product preferences, delivery frequency, and transaction amounts. As you analyze the data, customer insights for both medical and adult-use customers will emerge, enabling you to better serve them with targeted upsell offers, refill reminders, and promotions. At the end of the day, cannabis dispensary and delivery software are about making things easier for both the merchant and the customer.   



A Treasure Trove of Information

On-going, post-transaction sales and data analysis are integral parts of any delivery POS software. Having access to the number of individual driver deliveries, canceled orders, and other elements that go into performance metrics are invaluable for any delivery service. Sales reports can then be generated and tracked over time to study trends, product and brand sales numbers, delivery efficiency, and geofencing data among a variety of other datasets. All of this collected information can then be used to improve business operations, customer service and sales, and profit margins. 


What’s Your Story?

Each passing day provides an opportunity for dispensary staff to get to know your patients and customers on a deeper level. How? By looking at the story the data is telling. But in order to enjoy this story, you must have the tools to understand it. Blaze Retail has the perfect hardware and software solutions for dispensaries seeking to simplify their operations. Cannabis delivery POS software is simply one part of it. Let us know how we may help you. Schedule a demo or contact us to learn more.

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