5 Reasons Cannabis POS Software is the Only Option


Cannabis dispensary operators have numerous choices when it comes to point-of-sale (POS) software, but the No. 1 reason to choose one over the other is the intuitive controls built into the platform. Essentially, if the software was not designed specifically for the cannabis industry then it’s not worth your time or money. 

Let’s dive into the top 5 reasons why cannabis-specific POS software is the only option for running an efficient dispensary with happy employees and satisfied repeat customers. 


Operational Efficiencies Across the Board

Cannabis pos

Cannabis-specific POS software starts doing its magic before the customer gets to the budtender, often through online ordering or beginning at check in after entering the store. Every time someone does business with a dispensary, they essentially become a member of that dispensary and their data follows them everyone — provided your POS system is smart enough for this kind of tracking. 

When the day is done, a POS system like the one BLAZE offers will create reports showing daily expenses, sales figures, and security checklists. It can also show the day’s best- and worst-selling products, how many customers took advantage of a sale or discount, which customers left reviews or complaints, and the general movement of inventory. 


Accurate, Real-Time Inventory Upkeep


It’s crucial to know exactly where your products are at all times, which ones are popular and unpopular, and what needs restocking or what can be cycled out of the sales pipeline. Customers also expect to know exactly what’s on offer, especially if they view a menu online before entering a dispensary. 

Inventory upkeep cannot wait until the end of business hours and must be done in real time. Cannabis-specific POS software is designed for these tasks, and platforms like BLAZE also have the crucial benefit of seamless integrations with other cannabis-serving software like online menus and local track-and-trace compliance systems. 


Complete Compliance Integrations


There are no shortcuts when it comes to compliance, so you want a POS platform that knows this and communicates seamlessly with your local track-and-trace compliance portal. If you have to go outside of your software platform to report manifests and other compliance information, you’re wasting valuable time and burning through potential profits. Put simply, a cannabis-specific POS platform like BLAZE is designed specifically to make the compliance process headache-free, secure, and 100 percent accurate. 


Comprehensive Yet Digestible Data Reporting


Datasets provide valuable checks on business operations and deliver product and sales insights that would otherwise take hours of manual labor to compile. Good data can help with budgeting and creating a revenue model. It also makes marketing efforts stronger by honing in on why customers choose your dispensary over others. But the data is only as good as the reporting process, and BLAZE’s POS solution makes this easy to understand even for people who aren’t high-tech power users.  


Reduces Operational Costs 


BLAZE’s cannabis-specific POS platform is designed to make your business more efficient by eliminating a lot of the grunt work that goes into business bookkeeping and other tiresome data-entry tasks. And if you so choose, it can free you entirely from paper documents by storing everything digitally (paper copies are of course always an option). This saved time can be applied to other business needs or even reduce the number of people it takes to operate your dispensary, lowering costs and increasing profits. 

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