5 Solutions for a More Effecient Dispensary

Dispensaries just like yours are experiencing an increase in sales and traffic due to thousands now realizing the benefits of cannabis. More people are visiting dispensaries and that number is expected to rise again in 2021. As business grows, so will unique problems your dispensary will face. Long lines, in-store clutter, and slow processes create hurdles for customers to jump over. New problems call for new solutions: a more efficient dispensary. Blaze is excited to share some tips on how to keep your dispensary running efficiently and take on more challenges.


Automate Dispensary Check-ins

If you think long wait times and lines that wrap around the block are attractive for your dispensary, think again. Some dispensaries struggle to keep lines from forming on busier days checking in customers. Keeping the customer waiting with little communication can leave them feeling frustrated and upset. This could also increase walk-aways or prevent potential customers from visiting. Instead, try using a dispensary POS that lets customers take control of their orders before they even reach your dispensary.

With Blaze, customers can check in with their mobile phones using our Blaze Check-In app. Available in the App Store (iOS ) or Google Play Store (Android), Blaze enables customers to save time and add themselves to the queue. This simple solution streamlines the customer journey while maximizing the number of orders your dispensary processes. The ability to park your car, enter a dispensary, and immediately browse cannabis products has just gotten a lot easier. 

People waiting in line at an efficient dispensary

Order Online for a More Efficient Dispensary

Online orders and curbside pickups are great ways to improve dispensary efficiency.  Allowing your customers to call ahead or order online lets them know you understand their time is valuable. To help customers save time, encourage them to sign up with Blaze POS that lets them order ahead. 

Once signed up, Blaze’s real-time updates provide accurate inventory data so the customer knows exactly what you do. Once the customer places their order, all that’s left for them to do is make a quick trip and pick up their goods. Make sure your dispensary designates a special area for online orders to separate queues and keep business flowing. 

Staff Management

budtenders at an efficient dispensary
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Fancy software and technology aside, staffing is still crucial for an efficient dispensary. The more people helping out at your dispensary, the less likely it is that lines form and customers wait longer than expected. To ensure your dispensary runs efficiently, spend time planning staffing and schedules for each day. Make sure tasks are divided evenly among budtenders so that no one feels overwhelmed. Create a schedule so that no 2 or 3 budtenders are doing the same thing when there are other tasks to be completed. 

Make sure to spend adequate time coaching your budtenders on how to navigate your dispensary software to quickly process orders. When well-trained budtenders understand the technology they’re working with, they’ll spend less time seeking answers and more time checking customers in and out. 

Your Dispensary Layout will Drive Efficiency

Sometimes dispensaries can be well prepared for a stampede of customers and still struggle to keep up. Physical space inside a dispensary matters for directing foot traffic and decreasing clutter. In cases like grand openings, new product drops, and holidays, design a dispensary layout that takes the stress away from busy shopping. 

An open floor plan lets customers walk around and breathe, even in busier dispensaries. It makes space look much bigger and gives ample room for curious shopping. Maintain organization by where you group your products. Dedicate spaces for each product category, including merchandise and accessories. Clean any clutter or uninviting messes out of the customer’s sight. Create a layout that speaks to your brand and welcomes guests to look around and shop. 


Choose the Right Dispensary Software

blaze metric pad for efficient dispensary

Choosing the right software can make all the difference for an efficient dispensary. The ability to streamline orders, manage the seed-to-sale process, and track inventory from a phone creates an efficient dispensary experience. Blaze does all those things – and more – because we understand that efficiency means better business. Built from the ground up, Blaze is software made for cannabis that makes processing orders for customers as quick and easy as possible.  

The main reason to invest in dispensary software is to streamline the customer journey and make it painless, things Blaze does really well. Here are some quick reasons why Blaze can create a more efficient dispensary for you and your customers:

  • The Check-in app allows customers to check themselves in and place orders
  • Send automated texts with order status and tracking link
  • Powerful integrations allow for easy omnichannel sales.
  • Integrated barcode scanning throughout the product life cycle so you can scan products at any stage, including orders and sales. 
  • Process sales on your phone or desktop to sell anywhere

  • Real-time METRC data updates and customer-facing inventory management

To create a more efficient dispensary and automate the customer experience, book a demo with Blaze today.

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