E-Commerce Prepayment for Dispensaries: The Solution to Prevent Order Cancellations

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In the fast-paced world of cannabis e-commerce, order cancellations have become a common problem. Customers often place orders but because the e-commerce checkout only reserves the order and requires payment upon pickup or delivery, many of these orders never get fulfilled. This can be frustrating for cannabis retailers as it leads to lost sales and wasted resources. However, e-commerce prepayment has emerged as a viable solution to prevent order cancellations. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how requiring payment in advance can help dispensaries and delivery services avoid order cancellations and improve their overall sales.

Increased Commitment from Customers

With e-commerce prepayment, customers are required to pay for their orders in advance. This means that they have a higher level of commitment to their purchase. Customers who pay upfront are more likely to follow through with the order, as they have already invested their money. This reduces the likelihood of order cancellations, which can help businesses save time and resources that would otherwise be wasted on fulfilling canceled orders.

Many cannabis retailers see nearly a 20% cancellation rate in orders reserved online but never picked up for one reason or another. In comparison, pre-paid orders have nearly a 100% fulfillment rate. Using a cannabis e-commerce solution that facilitates pre-paid orders will significantly reduce cancellations and prevent wasting time and resources.

Streamlined Payment Process

Online prepayment also streamlines the payment process. By requiring customers to pay in advance, businesses can avoid the hassle of collecting payments during delivery or in-store. This saves time and resources, as businesses no longer need to follow up with customers for payment. The streamlined payment process can also help businesses improve their cash flow, as they receive payments upfront instead of waiting for payment after delivery.

Improves Safety for Cannabis Delivery

Encouraging customers to pay online can also improve safety for cannabis delivery drivers, as they do not need to carry large amounts of cash for payments upon delivery. With prepayment, customers pay in advance, and delivery drivers only need to confirm the order and deliver the products. This reduces the risk of theft or robbery, providing a safer working environment for delivery drivers and reducing potential losses for the business.

Furthermore, prepayment systems often come equipped with tracking and delivery confirmation features, allowing cannabis retailers to monitor deliveries and ensure that orders have been delivered to the correct customer. This can help prevent disputes and further improve the overall safety and security of the delivery process.


Cannabis e-commerce prepayment has emerged as a viable solution to prevent order cancellations. By increasing customer commitment, streamlining the payment process, and improving the safety and security of delivery orders, businesses can improve their sales and avoid the frustration of canceled orders. If you’re a business owner struggling with order cancellations, consider implementing the BLAZE ECOM™ ACH integration with Stronghold to help reduce the risk of canceled orders and improve your overall sales.

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