Expand Your Business with Dispensary POS Software

Managing a licensed cannabis dispensary means dealing with a variety of challenges on a daily basis. Whether it’s a medicinal dispensary, adult-use or both, no two days are alike in the young and vibrant cannabis marketplace. To succeed, owners, managers, and staff need the right tools to simplify the daily workflow from managing patient profiles, inventory management, processing sales and transfers, compliance and tax reporting, and everything in between. To help you succeed, BLAZE Retail is here to expand your business with the best dispensary POS software available. 

The right POS platform is critical for any dispensary. It’s important to know that many of our competitors began in different industries and saw dollar signs flashing in the cannabis space like slot machines in Las Vegas. That’s not us. From day one, we designed BLAZE Retail POS software to specifically encompass the unique situations that cannabis dispensaries face every day. When comparing POS software companies for cannabis, you’ll read often about creating a “traditional retail environment.” We take a different approach ⎼ cannabis is not like any other retail store. Of course, you want to run a smooth operation but at its heart, cannabis sales are about health, wellness, and helping people every day. That concept is baked into our software, and we want to help you help them. 

BLAZE Retail POS Software

Dispensary POS

POS software must enable effortless yet fast and accurate sales transactions with your patients and customers from check in to final sale. We think of this as simplifying your storefront. Your front desk personnel, budtenders, and delivery drivers will love our easy to use iPad® and iPhone® app integration. So will your back-office staff and compliance officers for its accounting and reporting elements. The cannabis marketplace is unlike any other, and incorrect reporting to regulators can result in expensive fines or even temporary closure due to a suspended license. That is definitely the opposite of expanding your business and our solutions will help you avoid those costly scenarios. 

Putting Patients and Customers First

A key element of running a medicinal dispensary is maintaining secure, HIPAA-compliant patient records and profiles. But that’s only part of the story. For both medicinal and adult-use stores, your first-time and repeat customers alike should feel like they’re part of the dispensary community. For budtenders, this means having easy access to customer profiles and sales history to help them make a purchase or suggest an upsell. BLAZE Retail can also help with loyalty programs, marketing plans, and staying in touch, including sending automated texts with order status and a tracking link. Our system also integrates with customizable digital menu boards that feature products in the dispensary.  

Management & Margins

One of the keys to expanding a business is simplifying the day to day tasks that can consume an entire day. Solid, well-designed POS software from BLAZE will make your life easier, and we say, manage better! How so? Read on. 

BLAZE Retail seamlessly integrates with Metrc® which eleven states including California require for cannabis seed to sale tracking compliance. This simplifies reporting requirements and our software even provides warnings to avoid making compliance mistakes. It improves productivity by enabling you to work remotely, on your schedule, on a secure platform. The software also plays a key role in your inventory management process, and the resulting data can help identify areas for improved profit margins. 

Cannabis Tax Reporting

Excise taxes are one of the reasons why many state governments support the cannabis marketplace. They realize that new-found taxes from both medicinal and adult-use cannabis sales translate into more tax revenue for state and local governments. While the community feels tax rates in several states are too high (looking at you, California) cannabis businesses must pay what’s required. POS software is crucial for tax reporting, especially in mixed-use states with both adult-use and medical cannabis options. Having a handle on tax obligations plays a large role in cash flow which is vital for growing a business. 

We are the PO in POS Software

The BLAZE Retail system uses a step by step process for managing a PO throughout its lifecycle. From tracking drivers and transactions to managing multiple locations, our secure platform includes an offline mode that allows you to process sales after the dispensary closes or before it opens in the morning. And because seed to sale software relies on barcodes, BLAZE Retail includes integration support throughout the product life cycle. You may scan a product into a PO, for an internal transfer, or scan a product for sale. Another productive feature is that managers and staff never need to update the cloud-based, POS software, so there’s no downtime to factor in. 

Sell Anywhere and Often

A key formula for expanding dispensary growth is deploying multiple sales channels, and your website must be part of the equation. With BLAZE Retail, we can turn your website into an online storefront in a matter of minutes so age-verified customers may place orders through it. Don’t let this incredibly valuable cannabis sales channel go to waste!

When you’re considering investing in dispensary POS software we strongly recommend that you think about the issues where your dispensary needs the most improvement. We can then have a good, detailed discussion about exponentially expanding your business with dispensary POS software. To learn more about BLAZE Retail, visit our Dispensary POS page. 

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