Introducing the BLAZE ECOM™ In-Store Shopping Experience

BLAZE ECOM In-Store Shopping Experience

We are excited to introduce a revolutionary new feature that takes experiential shopping to the next level. BLAZE ECOM in-store shopping experience offers dispensary customers an easy and convenient way to scan product QR codes, add them to the cart, and checkout independently. This new self-checkout process gives cannabis retailers an opportunity to redefine how customers shop in-store. 

How it Works

 The sleek user-friendly flow is simple. Customers scan QR codes located next to the product via their phone. They add the products they want to buy to their cart. Then they check out online right from their phone. Your fulfillment team readies the order and it’s ready for the customer at the pickup counter.

To turn on In-Store Shopping, schedule a demo with our team.

See it in Action

We are thrilled to debut BLAZE ECOM™ In-Store Shopping experience at MJBizCon this week! We asked one of our e-commerce experts to demonstrate the experience from the customers perspective. Watch the video below to see how this could benefit your cannabis business

Benefits of Adding a Self-Checkout Shopping Experience

There are numerous benefits to offering an independent shopping and self-checkout experience at your cannabis dispensary. See how adopting BLAZE ECOM™ In-Store Shopping can not only increase your sales but also reduce some of your operating expenses.

Increased Efficiency

Encouraging customers to use self-checkout speeds up the checkout process, reducing wait times for customers. This allows for quicker transactions, particularly for customers with a small number of items.

Customer Convenience

Self-checkout provides a convenient option for customers who prefer a faster, more independent checkout experience. BLAZE ECOM™ In-Store Shopping appeals to tech-savvy customers who appreciate modern, self-service options.

Reduced Labor Costs

Labor is usually the biggest expense for any business. Implementing self-checkout lowers the need for additional checkout staff, contributing to potential cost savings for cannabis retailers. It also enables existing staff to focus on other customer service tasks, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Flexibility and Accessibility

Self-checkout accommodates customers with varying preferences for interaction, empowering those who prefer a more self-directed experience. This can be especially beneficial during peak hours when traditional checkout lines may be longer.

Improved Accuracy

Allowing customers to checkout independently reduces the likelihood of human error in transactions, as customers scan the products themselves. This minimizes the risk of errors associated with cashier transactions. Discounts and promotions automatically apply to the products in the shopping cart thanks to a seamless POS integration.

Streamlined Operations

BLAZE ECOM™ integrates seamlessly with the BLAZE RETAIL® point-of-sale (POS) system and BLAZEPAY®, streamlining overall store operations. This give customers the ability to pay digitally by connecting their preferred bank account. After connecting their bank account the first time, all future transactions will use this as the default payment method making checkout even faster.

Empowerment of Shoppers

Self-checkout offers a sense of empowerment among customers who appreciate the control over their checkout process. It creates a positive perception of the store as innovative and responsive to customer preferences.

Competitive Edge

Offering self-checkout positions your dispensary as forward-thinking and customer-centric, potentially attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. It enhances the overall shopping experience, contributing to positive word-of-mouth and customer loyalty.

Get In-Store Shopping for Your Store

Empower your customers to shop how they like when they like. Schedule your demo to turn on In-Store Shopping for your customers today.

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