The Essential Last-Minute Check List for Dispensaries Before 4/20


4/20 Dispensary Checklist

4/20 is one of the most important days of the year in our industry and one of the most stressful. We’re here to make sure you and your dispensary are completely prepared for the holiday with a last minute checklist before 4/20. We’ll dive into what your Cannabis store can do to prepare and how together we can make sure your 4/20 is a success.

Here at BLAZE, we are well-prepared to handle a surge in demand both for our dispensary and delivery clients. We’re anticipating that due to astronomical gas prices, most consumers will be shopping locally or ordering delivery. That means big sales, but also potential complications. Your store will need to prepare for higher than usual foot-traffic volume or more delivery runs than usual.

To handle this 4/20 and all the challenges and potential it brings, we’ve taken some steps to make sure BLAZE is completely prepared. We have increased our server capacity to ensure smooth operations over this extended celebration weekend. We’re completely ready, but are you? Things like WIFI outages and technology problems can creep up at the worst times. There are a few preparations we’d like to recommend heading into 4/20. 

Last Minute 4/20 Checklist

Here are 10 things to make sure you’ve signed off on before the holiday. 

  1. Keep track of every iPad and smartphone that might be used over the 4/20 weekend and ensure the applications (BLAZE Retail or Delivery) are updated to the newest version. Updating devices last minute could cause added stress and errors while updates are downloaded.
  2. After updating your application, please log into your store so it can sync down all current data. 
  3. Ensure all your terminals are configured properly in BLAZE and the hardware is tested and ready for use.
  4. Make sure you have extra receipt paper and that all your products have barcodes.
  5. Market your promotions early via text messaging, on receipts, in-store and online. 
  6. Make sure to place inventory orders well in advance to restock popular products, and allow time for shipment.
  7. Run an audit on your inventory to ensure it’s up to date and organized. 
  8. Set up your promotions ahead of time and TEST them.
  9. Check your online listings to make sure they’re up-to-date
  10. Ensure all staff are updated on the latest improvements to BLAZE Retail and Delivery

BLAZE Pro Tips:

  • Pull the Daily Summary Report on previous sales for 4/20 going back two years to identify trends and set expectations.
  • Consider calling in additional staff for high traffic shifts to alleviate the increase in volume and avoid long lines.
  • Identify any inventory that hasn’t been selling or is nearing expiration and create promotions to get it sold.
  • Consider creating some holiday bundles to incentivize customers to save more when they spend more.

The BLAZE Dispensary Point of Sale System is Ready

POS Dispensary Software

Many dispensaries dealt with operating problems and their software failing them on 4/20, when it mattered most. Dispensaries across the country were forced to turn away customers and deal with compliance issues when they should’ve been making sales. BLAZE was one of the very few providers that had uninterrupted service throughout the whole holiday. During the holiday, our customers reported higher sales and quick reaction times by our team. Our industry-trusted technology offers huge benefits like:

100% 4/20 Uptime

Ultra-fast processing to ensure your store is running at peak efficiency

The friendliest and responsive support in the industry.

Our support team will be available during our normal business hours on April 20th. Rest easy knowing we’re here to help!

We wish you all a successful and profitable 4/20! BLAZE is proud to be your partner for this 4/20 and we look forward to making this holiday your best one yet. Feel free to reach out to if you need any assistance.

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