The Best Cannabis POS Features for Your Dispensary


Implementing a Dispensary Point of Sale software platform is a key factor in operating a successful cannabis dispensary. It’s an important, long term decision and to start, here’s some initial information about the best cannabis POS features to consider.


Design, Functionality, and Ease of Use


No matter how many features a POS platform may have, if it’s overly complicated, buggy, and difficult to use, it defeats the purpose of your investment. The cloud-based BLAZE Retail solution was designed by people in the cannabis community who understand the unique nature of cannabis dispensary operations. Our simple and straight forward user interface improves workflow and sales on the dispensary floor, as well as efficient customer check-in, delivery management, and full back-office admin tasks. 

Integration with Seed to Sale Tracking Regulations


Compliance with state-mandated seed to sale tracking regulations is crucial to the success of your dispensary. You want to ensure that a platform seamlessly integrates with Metrc or other reporting platforms required by your state’s regulations. Another key element is that the POS system must quickly adapt to changes when government officials and state regulators abruptly update or discard laws and regulations.

Accurate Reporting 


Filing accurate information with the state is imperative in the dispensary business. Our templates reduce potential input errors, and our warning systems notify users when information is out of compliance. The data collected is also extremely helpful for internal reviews of sales, trends, and processes.  

POS Management


Managing purchase orders throughout the product lifecycle is also a primary benefit of cannabis POS platforms so ensure you choose a versatile system. We humbly suggest BLAZE Retail. Book a demo to learn more about our Dispensary POS software and how were delivering on the best cannabis POS features.

Inventory Management ⎼ The SKUs the Limit

In a business environment where cannabis sales are tracked down to the gram, accurate inventory management is crucial. Accurate SKU tracking also provides sales data points to keep your supply chain strong when assessing what’s selling and what’s sitting on shelves.

Patient and Customer Profiles, Preferences, and Sales History


Pertinent information about your patients and adult-use customers is invaluable for growing your business. We enable you to scan documents and licenses in seconds making new member sign-ups quick and easy. Using iPads® and iPhones® the BLAZE Retail app gives budtenders instant access to information they need to make purchasing recommendations for your clientele. 

Scalability & Consistency


Owning a dispensary is good, owning two or more is better. As you grow, it’s essential that your data and reporting are consistent between multiple dispensary operations and sales channels. This is especially true for MSOs that need to comply with compliance regulations in different states. 

Cloud Storage & Encryption


Our secure iOS apps and web software are cloud-based which means you never have to worry about updates or patches. Another important security feature is powerful data encryption to avoid unauthorized use of your important information.

Delivery Data


Managers need the ability to track mileage and transactions for all deliveries. By using our iPhone app, drivers have an easy and transparent way of keeping accurate transaction records from start to finish.



At BLAZE, we strongly believe the cost of a robust POS platform is an important feature of it. After all, what good is any POS platform if it’s priced out of reach for most dispensary owners? As members of the cannabis community, our ethos is to provide an excellent platform that is accessible to nearly every dispensary. That’s just how we roll.

Please call us at (415) 964-5689 to talk about your needs and our solutions and how we can provide you with the best cannabis POS features. We promise that it’ll be worth your time.





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