Delivery Driver Manifest

Many states with legal cannabis delivery require drivers to keep a record of the locations of each order and what inventory was sold. These records are extremely critical to maintaining compliance, being successful, and keeping your drivers safe.

Easy Access Manifests

The delivery driver manifest is easily accessible in the BLAZE Delivery mobile app. This is useful if a driver ever encounters law enforcement and needs to show proof of deliveries.

Acknowledgement of Receipt

Cannabis delivery drivers are oftentimes responsible for capturing a digital signature from the customer upon delivery. This acknowledgment is an essential part of maintaining compliance and ensures that customers can’t dispute whether an order was delivered or not.

Incomplete Delivery Reasons

Occasionally, cannabis delivery orders are not able to be completed so when this occurs we give delivery drivers the ability to detail the specific reason for the incomplete order. This provides additional information both for compliance and your business.

Delivery Order Details

The delivery manifest shows exactly what products were included in each order providing complete transparency for track and trace purposes. This makes it easy to have these records stored and available for any future audits that may be required.