Delivery Driver Mobile App

The BLAZE Delivery mobile app empowers your fleet of drivers to optimize routes, fulfill orders on the go, and process customer transactions. The app provides a simple user interface to make cannabis delivery efficient and effortless.

Manage Delivery Tasks

Cannabis delivery drivers can manage delivery tasks right from their mobile devices. Drivers can view the details of each order and pack the order with onboard inventory all within the app just by scanning the barcodes with their smartphone camera.

Route Optimized Navigation

Avoiding traffic delays is essential for cannabis delivery drivers. The BLAZE delivery app uses your smartphone’s default maps application to find the fastest route to each delivery location.

In-App Chat with Dispatch

Delivery drivers can chat directly with dispatchers using the in-app chat. Drivers can text the dispatcher about the delivery instructions, order status, safety concerns, or car problems right in the BLAZE Delivery app.

Digital Cash Drawer

Managing and tracking cash as a delivery driver can be difficult so we’ve built a digital cash drawer in the BLAZE delivery app to make it easy. Drivers can open a drawer, transfer the amount of cash into and out of the digital cash drawer, enter reasons for the transfers, and close the drawer at the end of their shift.