Delivery Driver Tracking

Tracking the location of your delivery drivers gives you the visibility you need to stay flexible and efficient on the road. Cannabis dispatchers can find the best driver based on their active inventory and location relative to the customer. This information helps dispatchers keep the orders organized increasing your drivers’ productivity, saving money on gas, and improving on-time deliveries.

Real-Time GPS Location

Easily view the real-time GPS location of all of your delivery drivers using the BLAZE Delivery mobile app. Dispatchers can access their map view to understand which drivers are close to incoming orders so they can assign the best driver to deliver in the shortest amount of time.

Itinerary Management

Managing the sequence of deliveries is important to staying efficient. No more wasted time or struggling with poorly optimized routes, with BLAZE, you can make the most of your drivers’ schedules. Dispatchers can change the priority of orders to ensure the successful delivery of every order.

Time Management

Delivery drivers can clock-in and clock out with the touch of a button. This helps you track how long your drivers have been working and allows them to end their shift at a moment’s notice so your not paying for hours they’re not actively delivering orders.

Onfleet Integration

BLAZE Delivery app was designed to integrate with OnFleet to improve your delivery service with optimized routes, real-time tracking, and fleet management. Take your delivery operations to the next level with the ability to easily route, dispatch, and analyze all cannabis deliveries.