Digital Signature Capture

Proper documentation and staying compliant are a must for any cannabis delivery service. With the BLAZE Delivery app, drivers can capture signatures digitally on their mobile devices.

Convenient Signature Capture

Providing delivery customers with a convenient way to sign for their orders improves the customer experience while also maintaining compliance. Customers only need to sign on to the driver’s mobile device within the BLAZE delivery app.

Acknowledgement of Receipt

Capturing a customer’s digital signature serves as acknowledgment of receiving their order. This prevents customers from alleging they never got their order and provides an additional layer of protection for drivers.

Collective Agreements

The BLAZE Delivery app can also capture digital signatures for collective agreements with first-time customers. This enables new customers to become members without having to go to the storefront.

Waiving Signature

We do provide delivery drivers the option to waive a digital signature in the event that it is not required. This will allow the driver to complete the transaction without capturing the digital signature.