Driver’s license verification

BLAZE Delivery allows drivers to quickly and securely capture ID verification. This can be done on the mobile app to ensure accessibility and compliance are met from anywhere.

Age Verification

Delivery drivers are required to verify the age of customers upon delivery. Using the BLAZE Delivery mobile app, they can scan the ID with the camera on their smartphone to verify age.

Fraud Prevention

BLAZE software can recognize fraudulent identification to ensure you’re not selling to someone who is underage. This is an additional layer of protection to maintain compliance throughout your delivery operation.

Expiration Tracking

Track the identification and medical recommendation expiration date of every customer. Even if a customer is old enough to purchase cannabis, it’s imperative that their identification is valid at the time of sale.

Digital Records

We securely store digital records of customer ID and medical documentation for a mimimum of seven years. We are HIPAA, SOC I, and SOC II compliant so all digital records are safe from data breaches.