Onfleet Delivery Integration

BLAZE Delivery app integrates with Onflee to improve your delivery service with optimized routes & real-time tracking. Take your fleet management to the next level with the ability to easily route, dispatch, and analyze all cannabis deliveries. We partner with over fifty of the top tech companies, to provide you the ultimate tech stack for your delivery service.

Route Optimization

Onfleet’s integrated route optimization engine factors in time, location, capacity, and traffic to produce the most efficient route to each destination. Need to make changes on the fly? Updates are sent to drivers in real time.

Less Drivers

The Onfleet integration allows you to service more customers with fewer drivers. Optimized routes through BLAZE Delivery can significantly reduce the time spent on each delivery and get your driver to more customers in the same amount of time.

Expand Your Territories

With BLAZE Delivery, you’ll be able to optimize routes, reduce the time between deliveries, and service more customers across a larger region.

Advanced Delivery Analytics

Increase driver productivity and accountability with detailed task history and comprehensive driver performance metrics. Understand which drivers are underperforming and need additional training.